In their quest to control everything we do as Americans, another tyrannical democrat has come up with another vaccine mandate. 

This time it’s California democrat Senator Diane Feinstein and she wants you to be vaccinated, have a negative COVID-19 test or be recovered from the virus before you get on a domestic flight to fly anywhere.

It’s called the U.S. Air Travel Public Safety Act and it lets the HHS and the FAA develop national vaccination standards and procedures related to COVID-19 and domestic air travel. 

Technically speaking, according to Feinstein’s own bill, the flights of illegal aliens would have to adhere to her legislation because their flight would qualify as “any air carrier authorized to engage in passenger-carrying operations.” 

However Feinstein has her bases covered and also included a section on exemptions – categories of individuals and organizations exempt from the standards and procedures developed.

I find it humorous (in a sad way) that these moronic tyrants have plenty of rules for US but if you’re an illegal alien, you have no rules at all. 

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Same goes for the democrat government. They have no rules they have to follow either. Especially the ones they make up for the rest of us.

So are Biden’s goons going to be testing illegal aliens before they put them on buses and planes and move them all around the country? Nope.

Have they been asking for their vaccine cards? Nope.

Is our government giving the illegal aliens actual COVID-19 vaccines before they’re released into the country? Nope.

But WE must comply with all of the government’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates. We, as actual citizens of the United States, are actually afforded LESS constitutional rights than illegal aliens are.

Biden’s federal government doesn’t give a whit about the Constitution. Never has, never will.

Do we have the freedom of religion to not take the vaccine? Nope.

Medical exemption so we don’t die? Nope.

Freedom of movement in the United States? Nope.

Freedom to do anything without the permission of a democrat? Nope.

But have no fear because if you’re an illegal alien, not only will you get a seat on a plane to a destination of your choice and not have to get the vaccine, you’ll get some free food, spending money, some new clothes, free college, and lots more in your democrat party goody bag.