The “defund the police” anti-law wing of the progressive radical democrat party has been moving ahead with their insanity for more than a year, getting rid of as many police officers as possible and repurposing them for customer service.

In NYC, the nut job democrat Mayor Bill deBlasio says “customer service has to be what the NYPD is about.”

This was said amid a report of 21 children, most of them minorities, being gunned down on the streets of his city already this year and junkies taking over much of Midtown Manhattan.

deBlasio’s plan includes a lovely “community guide” brochure at the police stations to greet visitors at the door when they come in to report a rape, missing infant or threat to their life. 

And the criminals brought in are sure to read the pamphlet and get all choked up on the new caring ways of the NYPD.

We have even more insanity out of Austin, Texas right now where you don’t even get customer service because the 911 service will be rejecting many people.

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Staff shortages and defunding the police budget by $150 million in 2020 has led the city to tell their residents that if a crime is no longer in progress, call 311 instead of 911. 

Hm… how do you know if a crime is in progress or not? 

It sounds like the people of Austin will have to sweep their own homes to make sure their rapist, arsonist, robber or murder isn’t lurking in their basement or behind their laundry basket.

And so much for timely forensics and collecting evidence to pursue any crimes. That’s pretty much out the window and lawyers will be getting all kinds of things thrown out in court.

Under Austin’s new criminal support system program, victims are relegated to third class citizens while criminals get all of the perks.

According to the interim Police Chief Joseph Chanon, non emergencies that can be called into 311 instead of 911 include verbal disturbances (isn’t that how most shootings start?), suspicious person or vehicle (that’s lovely), theft, animal services and more.

Residents are not happy about the changes at all and are feeling very unsafe.

The newspaper the Statesman talked to many people who are afraid and ticked off about what is going on in their city and accused the police department of being racist and “dismissive” of Austin’s most vulnerable communities’ needs including the elderly, immigrant and non-English speaking people.

Most residents expect an increase in crime and they are not wrong.

And good luck, Austin residents, because it doesn’t look like things are going to change anytime soon with George Soros chipping in $500K for a campaign to make sure the police in Austin are NOT funded again.

So Austin residents will have to live with “crime technician” instead of police responding to their calls. 

Responding when? Who knows.