In the ongoing soap opera of the democrats solving their PR problems and not actual problems, Biden and his press secretary both made public appearances on Wednesday to assure everyone that they CAN’T guarantee Christmas will go off as planned.

With Christmas in 72 days and products from Asia to the United States averaging 80 days for transit, the White House was probably smart NOT to promise Christmas arriving in time for kids or adults.

They promised that the supply chain task force has been “working around the clock” on the supply chain issue since it was created in June.


Four months ago.

Doing what?

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Who the heck knows. 

Recently, I wrote about the supply chain impending doom that’s coming in my article on October 7th asking where the heck Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is.

I’m still wondering where he is. Biden didn’t announce that he was at his supply chain press conference on Wednesday.

So why are Jen and Joe being forced to address the issue? Looks like there are too many people complaining about empty shelves and even democrats are grousing that Biden may be at fault (true). 

So the damage control squad must be employed and more lip service to a problem must commence.

Also adding to Biden’s supply chain PR problem could be the photos of all of the ships just sitting around in the ocean polluting the air. 

Just like the photos of the illegals in Del Rio, a picture is worth a thousand words and so the democrats must pretend they care and have been working tirelessly to help us out.

When Psaki was asked if they can guarantee there won’t be a holiday package crisis, she laughably said “we are not the postal service.”

Actually you are, Jen.

The U.S. in U.S.P.S. is United States. Google it.

Even though the democrats always claim the postal service is an “independent” organization, the 1970 Postal Reorganization Act says “The United States Postal Service shall be operated as a basic and fundamental service provided by the people by the Government of the United States.” 

It defines the USPS as an independent establishment of the executive branch. 

So what if it’s NOT part of the cabinet departments. Who cares. It’s part of the government.

In Biden’s press conference, he told us all that the ports were 40% of the goods arrive to would be running 24/7 now and that negotiations were made to have everyone work longer hours to get things moving.

He also begged the private sector to step up and move things around for him.

Good luck getting everyone to “step up” when there have already been shortages of workers – and even more with the vaccine mandates.

This is another crisis of Biden’s making. Less workers, higher gas prices, paying people to stay home, firing people who won’t take vaccines…it’s the ongoing war on the economy by the democrats.

Biden naturally turned the press conference into an advertisement for getting the fake infrastructure bill passed because that will solve all of our port issues of course. 

In addition, he says that having the people involved in the supply chain reducing carbon emissions and paying people more will help a lot.

YEP. That’s going to increase production alright.

Kinda makes me think that the democrats let this supply chain thing drag on for longer than it needed to before they responded because they were able to use it to push their Build Back Better legislation.

But that’s just me being cynical. I’m sure that never crossed their minds at all.

Biden, of course, took no questions at the end of his teleprompter speech. He rarely does. Trump took more questions in one day than Biden does in a month.

And Trump did more things to make our country safe and prosperous in one day than Biden will do in four years.