No, this is NOT a Babylon Bee story even though most days, it seems that the reality we live in comes straight from that website.

In a country consumed by the purposeful world of democrat crisis after crisis due to vaccine mandates, supply chain problems. labor shortages, inflation, a crime wave, unabated illegal alien invasions and a threat to destroy the country with the Build Back Better legislation, the democrats apparently still have enough time on their hands to devote to coming up with a national gender strategy.

Who even knew we needed one?

Well, the very unserious Biden-Harris administration certainly thinks it’s a very very important thing to do and so here we are.

Gender equity, says the Biden fact sheet on the National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality, is a “moral and strategic imperative.”

Would this be one of those phony culture war things that Obama was talking about? 

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No, of course not. It’s real. And it’s an emergency.

The Biden-Harris fact sheet says proudly that this is the first-ever national gender strategy. 

Well, that’s self-evident. 

Serious presidential administrations in the past haven’t participated in such blatant wokeism BS to get votes.

We are told that Biden and Harris “believe that advancing ender equity and equality is fundamental to every individual’s economic security, safety, health and ability to exercise the most basic rights.”

We are told that this is “essential to economic growth and development, democracy and political stability and the security of nations across the globe.”


If it’s THAT important, why haven’t the democrats developed this idea before now?? 

Why don’t we already have a democrat strategy to address “longstanding gender discrimination and the systemic barriers to full participation that have held back women and girls?”

Thank goodness for Biden and Harris. They really care.

We can tell they care because the document is full of buzzword after buzzword talking about intersectional approaches and socioeconomic status and care infrastructure.

Blah, blah, blah… vote for us… blah, blah, blah….

The White House purports to be SO very concerned about girls and women – especially those of color. However, NOT so concerned about abandoning Afghan girls and women of color to the Taliban. 

So their compassion and caring about women is, like they are, a fraud.