It’s pretty sad if you are so unlikable and phony as a politician that you have to surround yourself with paid actors to talk with you and respond to your questions with interest and excitement.

But our VP Kamala Harris is about the biggest fraud around. 

She started her career by sleeping with Willie Brown, who was at the time they were still together, the married Mayor of San Francisco and more than 30 years older than her. She used his connections and resources for years to move up in politics and get to where she is now.

Staffers have left her in droves because of an “abusive environment” and she’s even more of a ghost in public than Biden is.

After getting only about 6% of Democrat support during the presidential primary, the great Obama decided to choose her as the VP candidate because of her gender and race – and to help keep an eye on feeble Biden. She was NOT chosen because democrat voters like her or the fact that she’s competent in any way. 

But that’s how the democrat system is. It’s an incestuous reward system where the corrupt and powerful help each other out to further the cause of their radical plans.

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Harris’ recent YouTube Original on space was kinda creepy from the get-go with the teenagers giddily overreacting to being able to see craters on the moon (which is publicly available all over the internet). 

But we found out why there was such a fake reaction. To no one’s surprise, it was revealed that the kids were all paid actors. 

Of course they were. 

As Hot Air pointed out, Harris’ handlers were too nervous that a group of kids might not respond well to her charm. LOL. I would be too.

Why was Harris even the one doing the video at all? Because apparently she chairs the National Space Council. 

With what experience? I guess she probably took a science class in school and looks at the stars from time to time. That’s about all the experience you need to do anything in the Biden administration.

I expect Harris to be as much of a positive influence on space matters as she is on the border.

This orchestrated event she appeared in goes hand-in-glove with the latest revelation that Biden has a fake presidential office set up for televised events with fake windows and a digital view of he White House Rose Garden.

The democrats are all about optics, marketing and appearances and nothing else. 

The bulldozing of the Haitian camp of illegals under the bridge in Del Rio, Texas is another example. Don’t fix the real problem. Just fix the PR problem.

The White House is telling anyone who will listen that Harris and Biden didn’t pick the actors. Really? Who cares. They always offer irrelevant information that no one cares or asks about.

As usual, YouTube is helping out so that Harris doesn’t get any criticism about her video on their platform. They’re not allowing anyone to say anything about the video by turning off the comments.

However, there are plenty of comments on social media ridiculing the fake Harris. 

Conservative author and political commentator Candace Owens told Tucker Carlson, “It’s so scripted, there is nothing authentic about her.”

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted, “Just when you thought the most fake human being in the history of the world couldn’t get any more phony there’s this…Her commitment to cringe is truly impressive!”

The most hilarious part of this whole thing though is that the video was produced by “Sinking Ship Entertainment.”

It certainly is.