Supply chain problems don’t discriminate. 

Since we get so much stuff from China, there are LOTS of products that we need on those Biden ships that are clogging up the ocean because of the president’s inability to solve the supply chain problem.

And there are all kinds of Americans who aren’t getting the products that they need. White Americans, brown Americans, gay Americans and guess who else…?


Oops! Red-alert, Biden administration. Voters aren’t getting their stuff!

And ALL KINDS of products aren’t getting on shelfs – diapers, medicine, pet food, toilet paper… lots of things. 

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Not just dresses and Nikes and gold jewelry.

Nevertheless, Biden’s clueless Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, isn’t crying over your “high class” problems of inflation or supply chain issues. 

He re-tweeted some BS from Harvard Economics Professor (and former chair of Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers) who said “most of the economic problems we’re facing are high class problems.”

SO WHAT if you’re paying $200 more a month since Biden became president because of the increase in your groceries, gas, and other needed items. 

SO WHAT if you’re a senior or a veteran on a fixed income. It’s not like you’re a suffering illegal alien in need of government help. Suck it up, buttercup.

The democrats, as they always do, blame everyone else for the problems they create and now they’re into demonizing the citizens of the United States for daring to care about having enough Lisinopril, Wheaties or baby wipes in their closet.

Shame on YOU for thinking that you still live in America and can find things to buy that you want or need!

Tommy Pigott, the rapid response director for the Republican National Committee wasn’t too happy with what Klain retweeted and tweeted out something himself. He said “Struggling to pay for food, fuel, and housing because of rising prices is not a high class problem. Biden is making everyone worse off, but instead of stopping the damage, their strategy is to try to gaslight Americans.”

New York House REP republican John Katko (and Homeland Security Committee Ranking member) says the supply chain problems are actually a national security problem because of our reliance on China and others for our medicines, personal protective equipment and semiconductor chips used in cars and electronics.

But the democrats are fine with that because they are busy turning America into a third world country and trying to get everyone used to not having what they used to have – like gas-powered cars and meat and cheap energy.

Klain is a great example of who democrats really are. 

Democrats don’t care if the middle class and lower classes are suffering. They really don’t. They want power and they want their own financial payouts to live their protected and elitist lives.

They use specific categories of people for votes but could really care less about actual people on any kind of base level.

That’s why they laughed – and continue to laugh – at the “America First” agenda. It’s not just foreign to them, it’s the opposite of everything they believe in.

They cater to the un-American. When the illegal aliens need port-a-potties and soccer balls and Doritos, they are johnny-on-the-spot rushing to get them what they need.

It’s all about votes. It’s ONLY about votes.

So who is Klain? 

He’s one of the hidden administration people who is running the country and running Biden. 

Klain and Susan Rice are Biden’s babysitters. They are go-betweens for the puppet presidency and actually report to Obama.

And not to be outdone by Biden or Psaki, Klain is now also gaslighting the American people by telling us that we really don’t have any real problems.

Denial is a great democrat tactic when things fall apart under their watch. 

First it’s not happening. Then they try to “fix” it with their PR spin. Then it’s happening but not their fault. And then they just lie about how bad things really are.

Lying press secretary Jen Psaki tried to convince people in a recent press conference that inflation increases are coming down.

I don’t think anyone who fills up their gas tank or tries to buy bacon and eggs actually buys that fairy tale. 

But hey, not being able to find or afford bacon and eggs is a high class problem.