I have a new slogan for the democrat party: “We are the party of ZERO.”

I don’t even think they’d offer any resistance to the slogan. I think they would use it proudly.

They are all about ZERO consequences. 

ZERO accountability.

ZERO costs for anything they do.

If they wants to spend $3.5 trillion on their socialist agenda, according to them, it actually costs “ZERO.” 

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Yes, it costs ZERO to them because it’s OUR money.

And to further bribe Americans to get votes, they want their voters to get free college, free health care, free child care and more. Everyone will pay ZERO for everything if you keep voting for democrats.

They also have ZERO accountability for any of their crimes or subversion. 

Obama, Hillary and their corrupt friends participated in a coup against Trump for four years and committed voter fraud to make sure Trump wasn’t president again and they have faced ZERO consequences for any of it.

They sabotaged Trump’s presidency for four years with rogue military people and the deep state Obama and Clinton folks who was installed in government departments and nothing happened to most of them either.

The democrats have also extended their platform of ZERO consequences to their voter base. 

Democrats are doing all they can to make sure there are ZERO consequences for many of the criminals in this country who have committed crimes. 

A majority of the BLM and Antifa criminals have gotten away with more than a year of assaults on the police in addition to other crimes. That’s because they are the democrat army that is being used against their political enemies. 

There is low or no bail, no enhanced sentencing and other goodies that democrats have made happen and it has produced a crime spike across the country.

George Soros used his money to fund radical prosecutors and other leftists in law enforcement and they are doing what they can to make the lives of criminals much easier.

An 18-year-old black male who shot and injured four people (including a teacher) at a high school in Texas recently was let out on bail the next day and is on house arrest. 

Even if the family’s aries of him being bullied are true, apparently that will allow you to get out on bail after shooting people these days.

And if you need stuff from your local CVS, just take it. You don’t have to pay for anything. 

It’s costs “ZERO.”

Good luck finding something at your local pharmacy in New York City where shelves are bare, not just because of supply chain issues but because people walk in and take things.

The New York Post reports that In NYC, if you need Acetaminophen or cough medicine for your baby, you will probably be out of luck because items are being stolen right and left.

Need toothpaste or hand sanitizer? Too bad for you. 

Democrat “reforms” of the state’s bail reform laws has led criminals to take what they want.

Serial shoplifters like Isaac Rodriguez, who has been arrested for shoplifting 46 times this year are able to get out of jail the next day if they’re arrested at all. That’s because democrats think it’s mean to arrest a guy and keep him in jail for taking body lotion and Q-Tips.

NYC has the highest number of complaints of retail theft then they’ve ever had before – 26,385.

The party of ZERO puts all the consequences on the law abiding taxpayer when the democrats allow crimes to go unpunished and repeat offenders are put back out in public again and again.

100% of the consequences of letting criminals walk are on US whether it results in things like higher prices or the inability to get products and services – or theft, assault, arson or murder. 

We are all victims of the democrat party.

You get what you vote for when you vote democrat.

And that’s ZERO.