So have you heard about the Indigenous climate change activists storming the Department of Interior in order to get to the Bureau of Indian Affairs?

Did you hear about the assault on our democracy by insurrectionist democrats? The worse day in American history? The darkest day of our republic?

You didn’t?

Well, that’s because it was done by democrats. When democrats storm government buildings, it’s okey dokey because the cause is just and they didn’t really mean to do anyone harm.

On the other hand, if you are Trump supporter, the FBI and Justice Department will use ever tool at their disposal (whether constitutional or not, whether lawful or not) to track you down and throw you in the brink indefinitely.

The democrats defined what happened on January 6th at the Capitol as an insurrection even though not one person was charged with insurrection. 

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But that’s the marketing language of the democrat party and apparently an insurrection has been re-defined as when people go unwelcome into a government building and won’t leave.

Unless you’re a democrat, of course.

By the end of last week, more than 530 democrat insurrectionists at the Bureau of Indian Affairs and outside the White House had been arrested and a police officer was injured and taken to the hospital because of the subversive behavior of democrats.

The arrests happened after their week-long protests called “People vs. Fossil Fuels.”

A group of indigenous climate change “activists” were demanding an end to the use of fossil fuels and they also want President Biden to declare a climate emergency in addition to their other many demands.

The insurrectionists tried to get into Interior Secretary Deb Haaland’s office but the police moved them into the lobby of the Bureau of Indian Affairs where they did their occupying.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs is within the Department of Interior and they manage the country’s relationships with American Indian and Alaska Native people (pay them off for votes with federal money and resources).

As Hot Air pointed out, Biden didn’t mention what happened either. He didn’t thank the police for their role in keeping order during this democrat insurrection but he certainly brought up January 6th during his short but rambling speech at the 40th Annual National Police Officers’ Memorial Service on Saturday.

Even though CNN, MSNBC, the Huffington Post and the leftist Twitter trolls still talk about January 6th every day, they’ve been silent on this democrat insurrection.

In fact, the leftists on Twitter who actually talked about what happened were very supportive of what they did. They called the insurrectionists “water protectors” and they were referred to as “activists” and “allies” in the climate change movement and not terrorists.

These democrat apologists called what they did a “sit-in” and said they “made a statement.”

Oddly enough, after all of this democrat insurrectionist behavior, I heard no democrats calling for Biden’s impeachment or the discussion of a 10/14 commission being set up to investigate this assault on our federal building.

And a note to all of the climate change frauds who participated in the “peaceful protests” during the week…I certainly hope that you rode into DC on your horses, bikes and skateboards and didn’t drive or fly into the city. 

I certainly hope you didn’t use one ounce of fossil fuel to transport yourself anywhere that week – and won’t for the rest of your lives.

Otherwise, you are F-R-A-U-D-S.

Oh wait…We all already know that you are frauds.

Just like your fake news media friends who call what you do sit-ins by water protectors and call your political enemies insurrectionists and domestic terrorists.