The democrats don’t sound like they were too excited with Trump’s weekend rally in Iowa. 

It was probably the “Save America” signs that got their knickers in a twist.

CNN called it “The most alarming Trump rally yet.”

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The poor democrats. Their heads were exploding all weekend. You gotta feel sorry for them because they thought they had destroyed Orange Man Bad once and for all but it looks like he might rise again.

You would think that Trump would get a clue when you are able to cheat on a massive level to get rid of him and you impeached him twice but, alas, it doesn’t seem like he got the message.

The TDS was on full display after Trump’s Iowa rally on Saturday. CNN brought up the January 6th Capitol insurrection over and over (of course). That will be their playbook if Trump does indeed run for president again. 

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Note to Democrats: It wasn’t an insurrection. No one was charged with insurrection.

Note to Republicans: Act like you have a brain and a spine. Push back on the democrats who define the riot as an insurrection. It wasn’t an insurrection.

CNN and others over the weekend were incredulous that politicians who want to be elected or re-elected are actually still showing up at rallies and want to be affiliated with Trump. 

At the Iowa rally, in attendance was Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, Governor Kim Reynolds and some other Republicans.

CNN called this behavior “dangerous for our democracy.”

Was it dangerous for our democracy when democrats across the land pursued unconstitutional voting changes to illegally change state election laws which resulted in hundreds of lawsuits so they could strengthen their voting fraud strategy?

Of course not because it helped democrats win.

So the democrats are still plenty mad that Trump and his supporters are still talking about a “stolen election.”

They call it the “big lie.” Showing their true colors, the democrats stole that phrase from Hitler.

I think we should call what they did “the big steal.”

The democrats just can’t believe that some of the Republicans who were critical of Trump’s role in the riots on January 6th are so accepting his endorsements and support – something that CNN calls a danger when a political party shows “blind loyalty” to one person.

You mean like the democrats did with Obama?

Getting back to Grassley’s appearance at the rally, CNN whined about Trumps apparent hold on the party by saying “it’s clear that the party is no longer defined by policy ideas but by absolute loyalty to Trump and his influence. To put it blindly, today’s GOP is how democracies die.”

Seems like CNN shouldn’t even care about us at all because we are just white supremacists, insurrectionists and domestic terrorists, right? 

Why do they care what we think and who we vote for, especially since the Great Bidenator got so many many many more votes than Trump.