Democrats cheat on a continual basis because there’s never anyone to stop them. Consequences don’t exist in Democrat-land.

There’s something called the Johnson Amendment in our tax code that prohibits churches from favoring or opposing a political candidate. It has to do with their tax-exempt status. 

But that’s not going to stop about 300 black churches in Virginia from airing an endorsement video from VP Kamala Harris for Virginia democrat Terry McAuliffe who is running for governor.

There is actually some kind of “church tour” going on for McAuliffe in Virginia which included Stacey Abrams campaigning for McAuliffe in two churches on Sunday. She told them that voting is an act of faith and that they need to “do their job.” 

McAuliffe was also brazen enough to promote a “Souls to the Polls” campaign. And why not? Like stated previously, who’s going to stop him?

Democrats are usually the ones who whine and cry about “the separation of church and state” but will be silent on things like this since it helps them win elections and no one will pay any consequences for doing it.

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Hot Air reports that the black churches who air Harris’ message will unlikely go unpunished by the IRS and that’s likely to be true since we’re living under the Biden IRS now – and they will undoubtedly be too busy soon tracking all of our $600 transactions.

The fact that the democrats are participating in a all-hands-on-deck church tour in addition Obama campaigning with McAuliffe soon means the dude is probably in trouble.

It’s probably because he recently said during a debate against republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”


But that’s the democrat mantra these days. Parents don’t get to have a say in the books their kids read, the vaccine mandates, masks, virtual learning, gender issues or their school’s racist CRT teachings.

The republican contender, businessman Youngkin, is ahead of McAuliffe according to the poll from the Trafalgar Group which puts the race at 48.4% Youngkin vs. 47.5% McAuliffe.

With McAuliffe sinking fast, there’s someone noticeably missing from McAuliffe’s campaign trail. 

It’s President Disaster.

McAuliffe obviously doesn’t want old Joe around to drag him down. Looks like McAuliffe needs to keep going to church and praying that Virginians are ignorant enough to not know what kind of educational disaster he’s going to bring to their kids.