With Virginia in our sites and Fairfax County already up to tricks it may be time to now revisit the sadly traditional matter of Democrat cheating when it comes to elections.

No, we’re not going to completely rehash the 2020 presidential election. Suffice it to say, in talking to legitimate experts on both sides, the consensus seems to be definite cheating in Pennsylvania, very possible cheating in Arizona and Wisconsin, and unlikely cheating in Georgia. Do the math and Trump still does not have the numbers to win. Close, but no banana. In the immediately following senate races in Georgia, now the Democrats knew they could get away with some of it, cheating was likely, enough to keep Purdue out and enabling the Senate switching to Democrat.

Our question today is where do we go from here to combat the Dems in the future, especially upcoming Virginia? It’s the same question we posed in October of last year, given Dem cheating in the 2018 midterms. The answer? Preemptive strikes.

Republicans must stop only reacting to Dem cheating, but aggressively execute a legal strategy to tie them up in knots on election day and beforehand. This will take brigades of lawyers that the RNC should deploy now in Virginia as a shakedown cruise for next year’s midterms.

File motion upon motion challenging every Dem election practice and then some. Do to them what the Israeli Air Force did to the Egyptian Air Force in 1967, destroy them on the ground before they ever take off.

It is said in certain legal circles that a hard charging D.A. will indict then find a crime because everybody is guilty of something. Well, that goes doubly for Democrats. Even if it’s not readily apparent, they’re cheating. Harry Truman said that if Richard Nixon ever caught himself not lying he would lie just to stay in practice. Like that. Assume they are cheating just because they are Democrats and make their lives miserable for it.

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Am I calling for Republican cheating at the ballot box? No. We can hamper them without doing that. However, off ballot distractions, false flags, and psyops are well within legal boundaries. In other words, take the battle to these guttersnipes. But avoid the post election whining. When the other guy has been certified any kvetching after that is just loser’s sour grapes.

So we’ve had two elections now to watch widespread Dem cheating in action both at state and federal levels. A lot of it goes on in major cities at the precinct levels. Much of that is hard to stop, as the fix is in and the election judges enforce it. But in swing areas there’s more room to kill it. We need to put our focus there and stop it