President Disaster’s Afghanistan withdrawal was a FUBAR and everyone knows it. 

WE know it, the democrats know it, the media knows it and according to the latest hearing in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Biden’s top Pentagon officials know it too.

Biden ignored the advice of his generals, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Join Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley on how and when to withdrawal.

That got 13 of our troops killed and Biden also abandoned countless numbers of Americans and Afghan allies behind enemy lines in Taliban-run Afganistan.

Bronze Star recipient United States Lt. Col. Marine Stuart Scheller was disgusted with the whole thing and spoke out about it, releasing videos that went viral calling for accountability after the suicide bombing at the Kabul airport.

According to the New York Post, Scheller announced that he was resigning his commission and walking away from a $2 million pension after serving for 17 years. The Biden military, however, did not accept his resignation and went after him.

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He’s accused of contempt toward officials, willfully disobeying a superior commander, failure to obey an order and conduct unbecoming an officer.

He’s currently being held in solitary confinement at Camp LeJeune. 

His mom Cathy says, “He’s in a cell with no books, no phone, no nothing. We’re heartbroken over this and so is he. We love America and we are so shocked at what we’re learning about what the new military is like in this country.”

There was supposed to be a hearing last week but it was rescheduled for October 5th. And, of course, the ever-transparent Biden run military will not allow civilians or the media at the hearing.

Most Americans who have heard about the plight of Scheller support him and at least 27,000 people have donated $2 million so far at Pipe Hitter Foundation in his name to help with legal expenses and anything else Scheller and his family might need.

36 members of Congress also penned a letter, asking for Scheller’s release. 

Derrick Miller, executive director of the non-partisan Justice Warriors Caucus says, “We believe that the military is trying to do this behind closed doors without proper oversight.”

How dare anyone have a different political opinion than the democrats.

This amounts to Scheller being a political prisoner and an example to the rest of our troops that they WILL comply with being a supporter of the Biden administration in every area of their life – or else. 

So while Scheller awaits his military hearing, the Marine Corps assures everyone that he’ll receive due process. 

Yes, probably the same kind of due process given to some of the January 6th Capitol rioters who are being held indefinitely without a trial.