When they got away with their corrupt behavior with the FISA courts and all of the intelligence agency spying on Trump and his associates during the Russia collusion hoax, the Obama Biden folks realized that they are free to do whatever they want.

Their unabated unconstitutional illegal behavior continues.

Forbes reported that they have a secret program to be able to spay on our Google searches whenever they want. 

Documents about the program were accidentally unsealed recently by the Justice Department and Forbes was able to obtain the information.

The government is not using the constitution (surprising, right?!) and having probable cause for a search and seizure. They don’t use information to go after specific people. No, they just want to get some information easily when they want it and Google complies.

Google is providing them data (happily, I’m sure) on searches that contain certain words that the Obama Biden Harris administration is looking for – words like “bomb” or “explosives” or whatever else they may be looking for in what is called a “keyword warrant.”

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Well good luck to ME because I search for all kinds of weird sh*t when I do research for articles.

Google thinks they are righteous and a spokesperson said about the keyword warrants, “As with all law enforcement requests, we have a rigorous process that is designed to protect the privacy of our users while supporting the important work of law enforcement.”

Yes, Google, WE have a rigorous process as well. It’s called the Fourth Amendment. Oh yeah, and the First Amendment too.

Those amendments are SUPPOSED to stop the government from going to Google with a handshake deal and getting our identity, IP address, Cookie IDs and any other information the federal government wants handed over to them

I wasn’t aware that the government could get warrants on ideas, words and inanimate objects.

They are casting out their fishing line and hoping to hook a whopper without the law and the constitution on their side.

But hey, they are democrats. 

Since when does the law or the constitution ever stop them from doing anything?