World leaders are jetting off to Europe for their G20 events and also the COP26 UN Climate Change conference.

If any time in history demanded that these meetings be virtual, you would think that now would be that moment. A pandemic would call for that.

Not to mention the hypocrisy of pretending to care about climate change while polluting the climate with CO2 emissions up the wazoo from their jets.

So are these global leaders frauds?


They are frauds about the pandemic being so very concerning that we all must get vaccinated, wear masks and stay the heck away from each other in large crowds and they are frauds about caring about climate change.

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These morons have been calling the WEATHER climate change for a while now. 

Floods, wildfires, hurricanes, heat waves… they’ve been going on since the beginning of time. 

Anyone remember Noah and the Ark?

But in order to enact draconian policies and steal money from their citizens, the leaders of the world have united to come up with the climate change fraud. And it’s always an emergency. 

Predictions of doom have not happened. Their predicted dates of doom have come and gone and we’re still here.

They blame our fossil fuel and coal and human produced greenhouse gases for the impending disaster. 

And cows. 

And many other things they want to regulate or destroy so they can control every aspect of our lives. 

But still they use massive amounts of jet fuel to fly all over the planet – and have for years – while at the same time shaming and denouncing others who fly all over the planet.

It’s kind of like having a vegan conference at a cheese factory and having hamburgers for lunch.