Biden’s generals have been very busy since President Disaster slid into the Oval Office.

Busy going after Trump supporters and other patriots like Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller who had the nerve to speak out about Biden’s FUBAR Afghanistan withdrawal.

Busy mandating failing COVID-19 vaccines which could result in hundreds of thousands of our military members getting the boot by the beginning of November.

Busy providing taxpayer funded gender transition care and surgeries for transgender-ing soldiers.

Busy making sure that soldiers use the right gender pronouns. 

Busy making sure that the military is indoctrinated with Critical Race Theories.

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Busy screwing up the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Busy flying LGBTQ flags in countries that kill LGBTQ people.

Busy babysitting Afghans at military bases and making sure they are comfy and get all of the Doritos and other things that they need.


What was that sound?

Was that a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile going by?

Hm… wonder how THAT happened?!

One of the sources in a recent story written by the British Financial Times about China launching a hypersonic missile said, “We have no idea how they did this.”

That’s comforting.

But it’s pretty easy to actually see how our “intelligence” community missed it.

Spending time defending the nation seems to be the least of the priorities of the Biden military.

Putting democrats in charge of anything is a recipe for disaster and having the Obama Biden Harris administration in charge of our military is quite scary.

Instead of putting a priority on studying and monitoring our enemies and coming up with plans to defend the nation, troops are being taught about white supremacy and about how to be apolitical on social media sites. 

So as our weakened military fiddles around with wokeism, the enemies of our world march on. 

North Korea fired a suspected submarine-launched ballistic missile (or two) into the sea on Tuesday. It looks like it was done as an “in your face Biden” move since it was launched hours after the United States reaffirmed their offer to resume talks on their nuclear weapons program.

And we just learned this week (not from the very transparent Biden administration) about a report that China tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile in August that went around the planet and only missed its target by about two dozen miles.

Our enemies, who were mostly in check during the Trump presidency, have no problem flexing their muscles and testing our feckless military under Biden.

Apparently, the United States had no idea what China was up to, let alone were they prepared to protect us. There was obviously no anti-hypersonic missile system that was able to take it out. 

Was there even a system in place that alerted us that the missile was going by? Who the heck knows.

Wisconsin Republican REP and member of the House Armed Services Committee, Michael Gallagher, called the test a “call to action” and said “The People’s Liberation Army now has an increasingly credible capability to undermine our missile defenses and threaten the American homeland with both conventional and nuclear strikes.”

Don’t worry though. 

The Pentagon had VERY strong words about what China is up to even though they didn’t confirm the report of the missile launch. 

Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby told Britain’s Financial Times (a financial website got this scoop???) that “We have made clear our concerns about the military capabilities China continues to pursue.”

Glad that our concerns are clear.

I feel much better now.

Plus China said it was just a routine spacecraft experiment – and they’d never lie to us.