The Democrat slogan “My Body, My Choice” seems to have lost its punch recently, as Democrats from gutter to, well, other gutters, advocate for vaccine mandates. The latest to do it, on Thursday night, is the confused hack who sits behind, perhaps sometimes under when he’s feeling totally barmy, the Resolute desk.

In an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN the chief executive had this exchange. Cooper mentioned that some cities are having issues because their first responders are refusing vaccine mandates. “I’m wondering where you stand on that,” Cooper said. “Should police officers, first responders be mandated to get vaccines? And if not, should they be mandated to stay at home, let go?”

Biden responded, “Yes and yes…the mandates are working.” And therein lies a tale. First off, as is widely recognized, Democrats love mandates because it destroys any say the American people have on an issue. The government says it and it must be obeyed, no questions asked. Does that sound like a sound policy for a constitutional republic? Hence why Democrats love it, as they are not too fond of the niceties and details of the US Constitution.

And, “the mandates are working”? Really? If so, then why are you talking about firing law enforcement personnel, EMTS, and firefighters in the first place? After all, if everything is well and good, if we’re all sitting around painting our toenails and braiding our hair, then why the kerfuffle? Cooper was motivated to set up that softball pitch to Biden because all is not fine, because first responders all over America are up in arms. Which brings us to the underlying question.

How can we force a medical procedure on unwilling participants, especially on those who protect us night and day 24/7? Have they no say in the matter, have they no rights? Since when does the federal government act as our primary physician? And once this is let through the door, what next? The next time government declares a public health issue will another measure be enacted? Some of America’s more Bolshevik cities have declared what they consider racism a public health crisis. What will be the jab for that?

Decades ago, the Chinese Communists deemed overpopulation a public health crisis and forcibly conducted millions of abortions on Chinese women in keeping with Beijing’s drastic one child policy. When a secret child was discovered by the authorities, the murder of infants, particularly baby girls, was horrific and widespread.

The modern national Democrat Party is profoundly, adamantly, viciously pro-abortion. Could they one day mandate abortions for “the public good” as they deem it? No? That’s crazy? Alarmist? Way over the top? If ten years ago I would have speculated that an American president would mandate a vaccine for a played out flu with a 95 percent recovery rate, would you have called it loony? Yeah, me too. Such is the latest iteration in Joe Biden’s war on police.