24/7 open ports to rush products to your town? 

Yeah, that’s not a thing. 

Some ports might be “open” ’round the clock but your stuff is not being offloaded, warehoused and trucked off 24/7. 

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That’s some imaginary BS PR move that Biden came up with.

As usual with democrats, it’s all spin and no reality.

Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka said on October 14th that there is no firm timetable in place yet for his port to go 24/7. 

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But that didn’t stop Seroka from appearing with Biden in the president’s fraudulent press conference on October 13th announcing that he was going to try to save Christmas by getting the ports running around the clock.

Lee Peterson, the Port of Long Beach’s spokesman, also said that no terminal operates non-stop so far even though Biden’s lyin’ press secretary Jen Psaki said that Long Beach began non stop operations weeks ago.

The problem with Biden (and most of his administration) is that they have never had REAL jobs and are incapable of running or managing anything. 

They aren’t even capable of “helping” anything because they don’t understand business nor do they have the ability to ask the right questions or assist in the right way.

And then you have some of the people in his administration that doesn’t even show up to work.

We only recently learned that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has been AWOL for at least two months during the supply chain crisis and during the cancelled airline flights that plagued the travel industry. 

Buttigieg decided to take family leave while Americans wait to get on planes and while they wait for their medicine, food and other needed supplies. 

No biggie. As long at Pete is able to get diapers and be home with his family to use them, everything is okey-dokey.

While Pete was AWOL, we had the Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force working hard, right? Not so much. The Task Force, which was started in June, has obviously done nothing to fix the problem either after working “around the clock” for four months. There about as competent as Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal team.

But never fear because apparently we have a White House Port Envoy…His name is John Porcari. He can fix everything, right?

But wait! Porcari isn’t new on the job. He got the position back in August. So he’s a complete failure too. Kind of sounds like all of those useless czars that Obama had over the years, doesn’t it? Lots of people having meetings and nothing actually getting done.

It’s easy to see why Porcari is a failure if you read the White House’s press release about his job and his background. Is says he’s “driven the adoption of equitable, community-serving infrastructure policies…” 

Yep there you go – not an actual a working person capable of solving actual problems because wokeism is always the goal. Plus he’s another Obama retread which makes him useless right out of the gate.

So we currently have more than 60 ships floating around and polluting the air out west but the climate change nazis don’t seem to be in a real hurry to get those ships offloaded and back to where they came from.

That’s because the democrats consider this whole supply chain crisis to be one big opportunity to sell the fake infrastructure bill.

They are concerned with little else.

Back in reality, the people who are actually involved in trucking, shipping and port activities think Biden is a joke.

The website freightwaves.com which serves the global freight industry with news and market data says “when you tear away the frills of President Biden’s supply chain announcement, it is essentially a political pawn to push the infrastructure bill. The ugly truth is the congestion will not be alleviated anytime soon and it will definitely not be better in the next 90 days.”

The Harbor Trucking Association, a coalition of intermodal carriers serving the West Coast Ports, says that Biden’s plan doesn’t address the core issues of the supply chain. They echo the same issue I’ve heard over and over again that truckers can’t secure appointments to get the needed work done. It’s a delicate dance of everyone working together like a well orchestrated machine and it’s just not happening.

Fitch Ratings, an American credit rating agency, says that even if round-the-clock operations get containers off ships out west, there’s pretty much no warehouse capacity to put them in and no one to truck them out of the ports because expanded hours at ports don’t match warehouse and distribution center operating hours.

Meanwhile, also causing problems are thousands of empty shipping containers taking up space and blocking filled containers from getting moved around. Other containers are just left on streets in front of people’s homes. The ships are refusing to take back empty containers from the truckers because of space issues.

Then, of course, we have UNIONIZED longshoremen (and women, I’m sure) taking their sweet time to do anything. Do we have automation to move containers around? NO, because the unions won’t allow it.

So as the country deteriorates into a third world country and our goods are held hostage by the democrats and their union friends, Press Secretary Jen Psaki uses her time to ridicule us that we’re upset because we’re not getting our treadmills as fast as we want. 

Democrats are either clueless about how this is affecting us – or heartless. I think they are both.