On Tuesday night a masked dropped in Virginia. Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, seeking a comeback into his old job, said this to parents, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” Parents weren’t happy and hammered the former VA governor over it.

“Parents are in control of their kids. Not @TerryMcAuliffe. Never,” one individual wrote on Twitter.  “Make sure every parent in Virginia hears this before they vote,” tweeted former Trump honcho Stephen Miller. “Terry McAuliffe is pro-choice unless the decision belongs to the parents of a school-aged kid,” replied Autumn Johnson. “Terry McAuliffe tonight in a debate…….I don’t think parents should have a say in what is taught in schools…… This is exactly why he should never hold a position of power ever again,” another wrote.

Parents were rightfully peeved. But Terry McAuliffe brings up a good question, though to do it at this time may be political suicide for him. I know he’s playing to the VA upscale liberal DC worker vote, who just want to be rid of most responsibilities towards their children so they can drink cheap Chardonnay and cavort with fellow deviants. But when I read what McAuliffe said, the old political media consultant in me was awakened from a deep fitful slumber in the dark ancient caves of Anne Arundel.

I mean, the attack media writes itself, as one thing most parents of not the ilk mentioned above, of both parties, share in common is a desire to be in charge of the raising of their kids. Thus, contrasting, in delicious metaphor, the cold dead hand of leftist public education indoctrination with the warm bosom of family life could pick up Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin the three points that currently separate him from the Democrat.

The spot opens with a family at dinner, maybe outside having fun, maybe around a fireplace. Emphasis on togetherness. Real Mayberry RFD stuff. Smiles exchanged all around, two kids of elementary school age, a mom and dad who clearly love each other. Make them middle class, not upscale. The voiceover intones platitudes about family. Then switch to a gray cell where kids in prison-like uniforms under a flickering overhead fluorescent light robotically recite some leftist mantra. Then pose the question: “Who Raises Your Kids, You Or The Government?” Bingo bongo smasho, gain 5 points.

And of the policy itself? Given the sad and sorry record of government at any level regarding almost any endeavor imaginable? Yup, parents should have an awful lot of say in their kids’ education, to include curriculum and even staffing. The way the left produced the current generation of young socialist sympathizing chowderheads was by drilling them with leftist, race hustling, and Marxist claptrap since they were in grade school. Parents need to stop them from doing that. Parents have that right and more importantly, have that duty.