The failure that was named Gavin Christopher Newsom by his birthing person in 1967 is in a fight to keep his job as Governor of California. You would think that would be an easy thing to do with him being a democrat but the residents of the state were so ticked off with him that they went out and collected 2.1 million signatures to have a recall election in order to boot him out of office.

The actual recall election is today, Tuesday, September 14th and even though the polls show that he’ll probably stay in office, all of the signs are there that the democrats are nervous.

Even the great Obama made a last minute ad for Newsom saying that he’s been “protecting” California communities – from what I’m not sure. 

The reason there is a recall election is because Newsom has implemented draconian pandemic lockdown orders that he himself didn’t follow. In addition to that, among other things, he’s rationing water, isn’t solving the homeless crisis and and fires are raging all over the state. Like most democrat politicians, he’s an inept leader who is making the lives of Californians worse every day.

Even though the democrats like Obama are pretending that the republicans are the ones who are pushing the recall, it was pretty bipartisan when the signatures went on the petitions. I guess no one told Obama that Los Angeles County, where the democrats win most elections, the people there provided at least 16% of the signatures on the recall petition.

Newsom’s policies have been closing down businesses and interrupting people’s lives and livelihoods. He’s no great prize. He’s a democrat.

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In addition to having Obama help him, Newsom also had VP Kamala Harris campaign for him on Wednesday and Biden went to lend a hand to the campaign effort on Monday. 

The nervous democrats have also spent $36 million to save Newsom in just the month of August.  

If voters decide yes on the first question of whether Newsom needs to be recalled, the candidate with the most votes on the second question of who should be Governor will get the job. 

Right now, out of the 46 candidates, it looks like talk radio host and libertarian-learning republican Larry Elder would probably get the job.

That would be BLACK republican Larry Elder.

And that’s why the racism charges are coming out – because the democrats are scared of a black republican being the governor of California and actually improving the state. 

So they’re calling him a racist.

Yes, Elder is a black man but reality has never been relevant to democrats.

Apparently there is such a thing as a black “white supremacist.”

The LA Times has called Elder the “black face of white supremacy” and a “very real threat to communities of color.”

And last week, a white leftist woman in a gorilla suit and with a bad aim threw eggs at Elder while he walked through a homeless encampment in Los Angeles. You can’t get more racist than that.

There was also a California professor at California State University, Melina Abdullah, who called Elder a “black face on white supremacy” at a event with Governor Newsom last Monday. 

During the same event, democrat State Senator Sydney Kamlager didn’t seem impressed that Elder is black and said that racism comes in all shapes and sizes. 

Yes it does, Kamlager. Look in the mirror, honey.

If Elder won the gubernatorial race, he’d be the first black governor of California and that would make democrat heads explode all over the country because they don’t actually support minorities.

They just support democrats.