On Wednesday, Press Secretary Jen Psaki actually said that the chartered flights in Afghanistan have been stuck there because there’s no way to vet the people on them. Gee, I wonder why. Could it be because your boss cut and run?

Yes, a State Department official accidentally admitted the truth on Monday when he said to The Blaze, “We do not have personnel on the ground, we do not have air assets in the country, we do not control the airspace — whether over Afghanistan or elsewhere in the region.”

Psaki also had the nerve to say with a straight face, “Are we going to allow a plane with hundreds of people where we don’t know who they are, we don’t know what security protocols have been put in place, to land on a U.S. military base?”

Well, honey, you sure as HECK have no problem whatsoever with anyone on the planet invading the United States at the southern border and not knowing who they are.

You could care LESS about who is crossing the southern border – whether it’s terrorists, gun runners, human traffickers, COVID-19 infected people, rapists, wife beaters or anything else. There is no vetting being done and you are okay with that because you want to give as many illegal aliens amnesty in the future as you can to get their votes.

The chartered planes in Afghanistan are doing the job that the Biden monsters won’t do – rescuing people. But the State Department is going beyond not being helpful – they’re actually actively hindering operations to get people out of the terrorist run country.

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Why? Because the non-profits and veterans going into the country to rescue Americans and at-rick Afghans are making them look bad.

The Biden administration is SOOOO very sick that they even tried to get credit for a rescue that was done by American military veterans funded by private donations.

But I digress…

Talk show host Glenn Beck has been working with the Nazarene Fund and Beck’s charity Mercury One to rescue people out of Afghanistan, both Americans and Christians marked for death by the Taliban. He has raised over $30 million and has already evacuated over 5,000 people. But that’s not enough. He’s still trying to rescue more.

He currently has four planes grounded that had at least 100 Americans and 1,000 Afghan nationals ready to leave. 

Why are the planes grounded? 

Because the State Department won’t cooperate and were the ones who initially wouldn’t give Beck’s team landing clearance. So yes, Jen, you ARE in fact preventing flights from taking off. Beck has first hand experience with that.

When trying to work with the United States government to evacuate people, Beck found out that the State Department required a new form at the last minute at the end of August. 

When Beck inquired about the change, Beck was told to contact the Embassy. When Beck reminded these idiots that there is NO EMBASSY in Kabul, they said to him (after laughing), “You’re just going to have to figure that out.”

Yes, some of these Biden administration State Department people are totally sick people. In fact, they are SO sick, that they actually handed over the manifest of the planes to the Taliban.

Beck is adamant that it’s the United States government that is hindering chartered planes from leaving the country. They are actively blocking the people who chartered planes from their rescue mission. They have even called other countries to revoke permission to let them land.

Beck calls the State Department “criminally incompetent.”

For now, the people Beck is trying to rescue are at safe houses – or at least he hopes that most of them are.

On his radio show, Beck explained, “We’ll have to go back and get the people now for those planes. But as soon as we get the green light, those people will be able to go back on to those planes. And if there’s one missing, I swear to you … We have also eight to ten other planes that are ready to fly out if the State Department will just let us be.”

Meanwhile the lying Secretary of State Antony Blinken says, ”We’re working around the clock with NGOs, with members of Congress and advocacy groups, providing any and all information and doing all we can to clear any roadblocks that they’ve identified to make sure that charter flights carrying Americans or others to whom we have a special responsibility can depart Afghanistan safely.”

Sorry, no. We’ve heard enough stories from the actual NGOs that we know that is NOT happening.

Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Marsha Blackburn (and democrat Senator Blumenthal) have been directly involved in evacuation efforts in Afghanistan and are calling on the State Department to stop blocking the flights. 

Fox News reported that Blumenthal is furious with the Biden administration’s “delay and inaction” getting people out of Afghanistan and expects them to do “absolutely” everything to get Americans and Afghan allies out of the country.

So why is this all necessary anyway? Didn’t the Biden folks assure us that their partners, the Taliban, would work with us to let everyone out of the country who wanted to leave? In reality, it looks like neither the Taliban NOR the United States government is working on that.

And wasn’t the withdrawal called “remarkable” by Speaker Pelosi and a “success” by President Disaster?

Isn’t everything hunky-dory and wrapped up like a bow with a “mission accomplished” banner on top?

Guess not.