On Tuesday Californians go to the polls to make a decision. Do they retain a PC socialist in the gubernatorial mansion or do they kick him out and then possibly replace him with an eloquent black conservative? This is California, what do you think, given their recent electoral history, they will do? Exactly.

All confirmation bias aside, a nasty trait of zealots of any sort, the Republicans have not taken California in a presidential race since 1988. That’s over thirty years. The closest they got was 44 percent for Bush the Younger in 2004. Thus California voters love Democrats and disdain Republicans. What is going to motivate their epiphany now?

Are they tired of the hypocrisy of politicians? This is a state whose voters regularly reelect Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi to their congressional districts by wide margins. So there goes that argument.

They are upset at the condition of their state? Major cities resemble medieval pigsties. Public health standards are non-existent, as needles and human waste crowd the street. Law and order has taken a backseat to criminal rights and some cities don’t bother prosecuting petty criminals at all. Businesses and residents leave at a pronounced pace. All these things have transpired. But California voters still elect the same local and state Democrats who brought them this mess. Sound like they’d really prefer a conservative? Uh, no.

Gavin Newsom really hasn’t given a majority of California voters anything to be upset about, given their political standards. The rest of the country, or perhaps just the sane red parts, would tar and feather him and then horsewhip the Ken doll governor if they had a horse. But in San Francisco and Los Angeles? Meh. It doesn’t much interrupt their typical day of being robbed or stepping on used syringes.

Newsom gives California Democrats what they want, trendy socialism and a beautiful people regime filled with aspiring political glitterati and airhead ideologues. Data and reality don’t matter in California, as long as you look good when spinning it. A close pal once bet me, as we were entering a beachside bar in Southern California, that the only conversation we would hear would concern clothes, weight, and hair. She won the bet.

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Up to date polls say the numbers are around 62 to 38 against recall. That may be high. I’m calling it 56-44 against. What are the national implications? Not much. That’s why Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been there for Newsom, an easy win that will be said to begin Biden’s political recovery. That’s also why big name Republicans have lent rhetorical support to recall and not much else. It comes down to a strong Democrat state siding with the Democrat governor over a Republican-fueled recall attempt. Not exactly an earth-shattering surprise.