I thank my lucky stars every day that I wasn’t raised in a way that led me to become a democrat. I actually wasn’t raised to be political at all. 

But I WAS raised to be responsible, help people out when I could, work hard and have common sense. 

I’m also an only child so I also learned how to be independent and rely on myself for stuff that I needed, including educating myself about things I didn’t know about.

When our country was attacked on September 11th, I started paying attention to politics and saw that the democrats were completely insane. 

Not just insane though, the elected leaders were actually evil. 

I saw that they constantly came up with policies that actually worked AGAINST the America people and the constitution – and lied about what they were doing.

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I saw that the democrats wanted to over-tax people, over-regulate everything and just control everything we did. And all the while, they pretended like they really cared about all of us and that what they were doing was best for us.

They still do the same thing – and they are on overdrive with their tyrannical evil since they see the power they can have with executive orders and COVID-19 control from the top down.

The democrat party doesn’t exist without lies and a media that has their back to help them with their propaganda.

I am not a democrat because I cannot live a lie. 

I can’t live one way and vote another way. I can’t tell people to do what I don’t do.

I live my beliefs and I can defend my ideology with history and facts.

The can’t be said of most democrats.

Do most of your democrat friends and family members drive electric cars? No. 

They don’t walk the walk – they don’t live what they preach. They just say things that sound nice and pretend to “care” about people and ideas. 

They are frauds.

Democrats are still flying in their airplanes, driving their SUV’s and using their iPhones put together by slaves. Their climate change crisis mantra is a total hoax.

They have a budget in their own homes but are okay with the government going into debt or stealing from other people to pay for their policies.

The democrats bemoan the January 6th riot at the Capitol but had their mouths shut the whole time the Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists were attacking police, setting businesses on fire and killing people.

They pretended for a while that they were animal rights activists but when windmills came along, killing birds all over the country, they stayed silent.

They vote by emotion, not facts. They actually vote against themselves in elections and end up losing their own money and freedom. It’s nuts.

So to be a democrat, I would have to deny reality and push the daily lies of my party every day.

That is what Biden’s Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, does every day. 

And in her case, unlike a regular democrat voter who is usually just ignorant, she’s actually evil. She knows she’s spouting lies and doesn’t care. AND she gets paid to do so.

She has to look herself in the mirror every day and it’s not a pretty site.

Luckily, we have Fox News reporter Peter Doocy to call her out on her lies every day. He’s about the only journalist in the White House briefing room who asks real questions and stands up against the Biden propaganda machine.

Just recently, Doocy asked Psaki why foreign nationals who fly into our country have to get vaccinated but illegal aliens don’t.

Psaki gave her usual BS answer by saying, “As individuals come across the border, they are both assessed for whether they have any symptoms, if they have symptoms, the intention is for them to have to be quarantined. That is our process.”

Not deterred by her non-answer, Doocy pressed on and her answer became even more of a fairy tale when she said, “They (illegal aliens) are not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time. I don’t think that it’s the same thing. It is not the same thing.”

Yes, apparently, the illegal aliens are only coming to America for a brief time, probably just a few minutes, and then they are off to France on vacation or something. It’s not like they’re dining for hours in New York City for goodness sake. Then they would definitely be carded.

And those foreign nationals who are coming to America legally, they are probably staying for a few weeks or months and intend to spread their COVID-19 all over the place.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who’s the most lying press secretary of all?

You are, Jen. And it doesn’t bother you a bit.