As I’ve said before, it must be lovely being an illegal alien. 

You can bring COVID-19 into the country and no one will stop you. Just today on the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show, Ted Cruz said that when he was at the Donna, Texas facility a few weeks ago, the rate of illegal aliens who have COVID-19 was at 22%.

You can also bring in guns, drugs and crime into our country too because the border agents are too busy processing paperwork and being reassigned to other areas to run you down.

You can live your life in America and not have to worry about the government making you get an experimental COVID-19 vaccine like the Americans will soon be forced to do.

You can get free money and free lawyers from the federal government to start your life and get turned over to Catholic churches and non-profits to sign you up for housing, free education for your kids and lots of other freebies – all of which are funded by the democrat party to take care of you in exchange for amnesty and your future votes for them.

Even during a pandemic, the democrats refuse to shut down the border. In fact, many of their policies, including President Disaster’s executive orders, actually incentivize more illegal aliens to invade the United States.

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With the Afghanistan FUBAR and other democrat failures in the news, the never-ending open border crisis continues to fly under the radar in most media outlets.

In August alone, 208,000 illegal aliens were detained and that’s just the people we know about. That’s at least a 317% increase from the same time last year. 

So many invaders are coming into the country that they have to wait under bridges in Texas. They don’t even get a Biden Obama cage to sit in. 

8000 of them in fact are currently under a bridge. 

And there are a reported 20K Haitians on the way. Which bridge will THEY be going under? 

The root cause of this is not being fixed by the invisible VP Kamala Harris because the root cause is Joe Biden.

Republican Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson condemned the border crisis in a tweet when he said, “This administration is detached from reality. From the crisis at the southern border to the debacle in Afghanistan, Biden is the root cause…”

Biden and his leftist friends are pretty much the root cause of EVERYTHING going wrong in the country right now but most of it is by design.