So it’s time for the democrats to push the insurrection narrative again because they are a huge failure in leading the country in any successful way and are getting bad PR for many of their failures.

President Disaster completely f-ed up the Afghanistan withdrawal, he’s ruling unconstitutionally like a king against the people, he doesn’t have COVID-19 under control and is trying to force vaccines on people, the economy and supply chain are a mess, the border is a disgrace, crime is surging and employers can’t find employees. 

And those are just the obvious problems going on. There are hundreds more.

We’re living in a totally different country than we were under Trump and it’s not pretty. We’re losing our money, our freedom and our lives. There is no such thing as actual democrat leadership. There’s just control of the chaos of a failing America that they have created.

So what’s a democrat to do? 

Well, talking about what they call the “insurrection” is the the party’s current go-to position when they don’t want to discuss the Biden and democrat failures going on. 

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On Twitter, January 6th is a daily theme for many of the prominent leftists but not everyone is on Twitter so the democrats have to get the fake news media talking about the insurrectionist MAGA terrorists as often as possible.

The democrats don’t really give a whit about actually protecting people. That is obvious when you look at Afghanistan, the open borders and the crime surge. 

And FOR SURE the democrats don’t care about protecting people, businesses or police officers when there is an Antifa terrorist riot or a Black Lives Matter mob roaming around somewhere. No fencing for that.

But if there are any republican or pro-Trump rallies or protests going on, it’s the end of the world and all precautions, even fake ones, must be taken so that everyone knows (red alert! red alert!) it’s a crisis of epic proportions!

Along those lines, the Capitol Police have decided to put the security fence back up around the U.S. Capitol on Saturday because there’s something called a “Justice for J6” rally going on with people showing up who want the January 6th rioters to get due process.

First of all, I doubt there will be a large crowd showing up for something like that. Secondly, it’s laughable that these leftist clowns in Biden law enforcement actually issued an emergency declaration about this.

They cite “concerning online chatter” about the demonstration and Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger said they will “enforce the law and not tolerate violence.”

I guess the police in these leftist cities only consider violence to be happening if a Trump rally or protest is going on. And they’ll only use their resources and crack down on stuff if the protesters are Trump supporters.

The rally, organized by former Trump campaign staffer, Matt Braynard, is scheduled to bring attention to the people arrested as a result of the January 6th riot at the Capitol who his supporters consider o be political prisoners who are being unfairly prosecuted.

Braynard said there wouldn’t be violence coming from his group, Look Ahead America, and even asked Congressional members to speak at the event. He said it will be a “completely peaceful protest” and non-political, asking people not to bring or wear any messaging about the election or candidates.

What the Capitol police are ACTUALLY worried about (and most of the media isn’t reporting on) are the REAL violent people who will be showing up in the form of counter-protesters who are going to be there. 

There will no doubt be Antifa characters showing up – and probably in MAGA hats and shirts causing problems.

That’s where the REAL violence actually comes from in the political world we now live in – the left.

And even if nothing happens, the left still gets a few days to talk about Trump insurrectionists and remind everyone about January 6th.