The White House tweeted on September 1st that they had evacuated approximately 124,000 people.

According to the Biden administration, only about 5,400 United States citizens were evacuated since August 14th.

That means 118,600 of those evacuated were Afghans.

The problem we’re hearing about now is that, according to a State Department official, most of the Afghan nationals who assisted the United States were left behind.

The official said that even though they don’t have precise figures (why not?), it’s likely that a “majority” of SIV (Special Immigrant Visa) applicants are still in Afghanistan.

So that begs the question… exactly WHO was the Biden administration evacuating out of Afghanistan?

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Don’t worry because they’re never going to tell you. You’re never going to learn actual numbers of anything they do. Democrats don’t roll that way. They will give you a number but it’s never the truth.

Tucker Carlson thinks that most of those Afghans taken out of the country were future democrat voters put in swing states and I can’t say that I can argue with him when it seems like maybe our government was just taking anyone who showed up at the airport that they felt sorry for. I haven’t seen any rhyme or reason why they evacuated who they did.

Carlson says that of the group of Afghans evacuated, not many were translators or aides or contractors. Maybe only a few thousand.

And we have learned that at least 100 Afghan evacuees have been flagged for terrorist ties.

Doesn’t sound like a great vetting process to me. The Biden team just wanted to have lots of planes taking off so that they could spout BIG evacuation numbers. They didn’t actually care WHO was on the planes.