It is common among Americans of all political stripes to have a very low opinion of most politicians, especially those who do not agree with their political beliefs. But did you know they return the favor with knobs on? However, depending on the ideology, in different ways.

Now granted, there are politicians of all persuasions who actually have respect for you and endeavor to do the right thing by their own lights. Of course, you think those are the pols whom you agree with. Maybe accurate, maybe not.

The left doesn’t like you in the sense that they think you are merely talking chimps who are only concerned with your base appetites. In some cases, they have a point. Given the modern American public education system has conditioned many to resemble that description, and given many of the leftist elite go to prestigious private universities, it’s only natural they despise you because they are on a different intellectual plane, at least in the purely academic sense, and it’s easy to despise cretins.

The best description of what the left thinks of most Americans comes from the disgraced 44th  president, “They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

But instead of trying to reform education to bring people up to a coherent level, they quite prefer a system of indoctrination because it keeps many gullible and thus easier prey for the left. It’s the same reason they desire to see socialism, even Marxism, succeed in this country.

Because in Marxism there is the concept of the “vanguard of the proletariat.” Leftists see themselves as that force. Just as in any socialist system, the “vanguard” gets perks and privileges not available to the workers. Thus socialism makes sure the elite stay elite and most others stay in their place.

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Before the great switch of about 30 years ago, when the Republicans traded the rich for the white working class, the left had to tone down their hatred for the socio-economic underclass. No more. It’s the Republicans who have to do that now.

Thus the right dislikes you for some of the same reasons, but it’s less of a loathing than a severe disappointment. Proper conservatives know the great promise of America and what a wonderful country this has been and could be again. But it recoils and is repulsed by the tendency of Americans to plight their political troth to any passing sidewalk Caesar or flim flam huckster who runs for office.

The right sees many voters as basically well-intentioned, but dumb as a bag of hammers due to the aforementioned education system. Unless they’re pitching their Nockian “remnant”,  Republicans attempt to convince voters as one would guide mentally challenged waterfowl. It’s more frustrated condescension than outright hatred. But when the base starts baying and howling at the moon, that condescension can quickly turn to revulsion amongst elite and intelligent Republicans.

So before you support any candidate, remember, if they knew you they probably wouldn’t like you one bit, probably would do all in their power to avoid you like the plague. But hell, who cares? You should only want them to stop taking so much of your money, guard the border, and not get our young people killed in far off lands for nothing. That’s not a tall order, even for people who loathe you.