What’s a little genocide between friends when you need some simpatico on the climate change fraud?

Non-practicing Catholic pro-choice democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi doesn’t seem to care about the beating of our hearts no matter our age or what country that we live in. 

And the lives of minority Uyghurs in China are of little concern to her if China’s President Xi decides to work with the democrats on their climate change hoax.

Keeping in the tradition of democrats who like to go over to other countries and trash the United States and their political enemies, Pelosi took a trip to the UK and appeared maskless in front of students at Cambridge University on Thursday.

Part of her spiel was to go after Republicans and tell them to take back their country because it was hijacked by the cult of Trump.

It’s not China that’s the real evil, it’s the Trump supporters and their Republican cohorts.

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With all the failures that the democrats are presiding over right now, Pelosi still went full steam ahead trashing the Republicans as the democrats continue to frame the Trump Supporters as the biggest threat to America. 

And they are doing a really good job with their PR and spreading their TDS because 57% of democrats say that Trump supporters are more dangerous than China and Russia.

Although Pelosi actually admitted to some bad things that China has been doing like genocide and suppressing human rights and having concentration camps and proliferating of weapons of mass destruction and trade violations, it’s still okay. All that can be overlooked.

Admitting to China’s demonic and immoral behavior, Pelosi said “With their military aggression in the South China sea, with their continuation of genocide in Xinjiang province, with their violation of cultural, linguistic, religious priority of Tibet, with their suppression of democracy in Hong Kong, and other parts of China as well…”

But ultimately she was okay with that and followed up on the admission of China’s evil with one of the most incredulous evil statements she’s made since being a politician when she said, “Having said all of that…we have to work together on climate. Climate is an overriding issue and China is the leading emitter in the world, the U.S. too and developed world too, but we must work together.”

I remember reading something in history after the Holocaust where politicians used the phrase “never again” over and over again and it was a phrase that also appeared on Holocaust memorials. 

But I guess all that is out the window. If a country has concentration camps but is willing to work on climate change policies, then things are fine. 

I guess China having 1200 camps in Xinjiang and holding about 1.5 million Uyghurs is okay as long as China reduces their carbon footprint.

Poor Hitler didn’t have a chance to make any negotiations like this.

Had Al Gore been around in the early ’40’s to come up with the global warming hoax and carbon offset credits, I’m sure old Adolph would have been able to make a deal to keep his concentration camps going. 

With all of the Jews being killed, Adolph was already reducing the carbon footprint by quite a lot and would have become a very good friend of the democrats.