Take a look at the Federal Register where documents starting in 1994 are available for you to peruse. At the time of this article being written, there were 870,661 documents and there are more every day. 

The Federal Register is the official daily publication of rules, proposed rules and notices of Federal agencies and organizations – plus executive orders and other presidential documents.

Ignoring states’ rights and rule by bureaucracy is how the government gets around the Constitution on a daily basis.

The legislators write laws and they allow the bureaucracy of the Federal governments (as well as state and local governments when given permission) to decide how to implement them. It’s quite disgusting and it’s not how the Founding Fathers intended the country to be run.

As if 870,661 documents weren’t enough (and there’s no way for anyone to read them all), each document has pages and pages AND PAGES inside of those documents – and millions of words that give our government the right to rule over us more than the British ever did or ever hoped for.

We went to war with the British, for what I contend, was much less tyrannical oppression of our rights than American politicians have done to us.

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In order to be the top-notch oppressive tyrants they want to be and have unchecked power and financial gain, the democrats have developed a mostly foolproof strategy to get what they want. 

They don’t give up. 

They work-around any impediments. 

They often start off their fight by using the legitimate means of winning. That includes elections and using all three branches of government – the executive, the judicial and the legislative. But when all four areas are against them, the democrats use the bureaucracy.


During the COVID-19 crisis, especially in the beginning, we saw this in spades where democrat governors and mayors were using their “emergency powers” to do whatever they want. 

And when they got caught doing something they weren’t supposed to do, like Michigan’s democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer, they ruled over us through health departments by people who we never elected. 

The democrat governors (again including Governor Whitmer) sent their attorney generals after businesses using any departmental rule they could find to sue them and shut them down. They took people’s licenses away so they couldn’t open for business. They even put people in jail who were just trying to earn a living, support their families and pay their bills.


The Biden mob was salivating when they saw that these tactics were working all across the country and are currently full-steam ahead with ruling by bureaucracy.

In a 2019 speech, Biden said, “Dedicated public servants are the lifeblood of democracy. It doesn’t function without them.”

This kind of thinking has lead to insane things like allowing the CDC to dictate eviction laws and this strategy is now the backbone of the Biden vaccine mandates as he uses the Deparment of Labor’s OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) to force employers with 100 or more employees to require that their workers are vaccinated against COVID-19.

You need to look nor further than a tweet last week from Biden’s Chief of Staff’s, Ron Klain, to have verification that the democrats will use ANY MEANS NECESSARY to get what they want done. 

In his gleeful tweet about having OSHA mandate businesses to require vaccines of employees, Klain tweeted, “OSHA doing this vaxx mandate as an emergency workplace safety rule is the ultimate work-around for the Federal govt to require vaccinations.”

Yes, that would be the work-around of our rights and the Constitution. And it’s something the democrats have never had a problem with. 

Any means necessary.

They’ll use every branch of government, every loophole, every judge, every lawyer, every level of government, executive orders, every bureaucratic department, every non-profit, every leftist business, the Justice Department, every election they can steal, the intelligence agencies, the military, the IRS, and every everything in order to get what they want. 

What they are really doing is working around the law, the Constitution, the people and our rights.

Democrats have to do work-arounds because they are constantly at odds with the Constitution and the laws and they are almost always governing against the will of the people. So they have to employ tricks and schemes to get their way.

If they can’t get trillions of dollars passed for climate change and to pay back their friends in budget bills, it’s no problem. They’ll use reconciliation and throw things in the legislation that the Parliamentarian shouldn’t allow.

If they can’t win an election fair and square, it’s no problem. They’ll illegally change voting laws in states and counties and prepare fraudulent ballots to turn in. They’ll fund hundreds of non-profits to do their dirty work for them to steal elections for them.

If they run into a roadblock to force us to do something, it’s no problem. They have 360 other ways to “work around” things to get it done.

And if you think that their tyranny is over with the current rules they’re trying to enforce with the vaccines, you are mistaken. 

The federal government has gotten intrusive in our lives for a reason – it’s called control. 

What is to come? Well, that’s pretty easy to predict.

Here are some other ways they will most likely force you to get a vaccine…

Are you on Medicare or Medicaid? You’ll have to get a vaccine.

Do you get housing assistance? You’ll have to get a vaccine. 

Do you have a college loan? You’ll have to get a vaccine.

Are you on social security? You’ll have to get a vaccine.

Do you get a tax refund? You’ll have to get a vaccine.

Do you drive on government-built roads? You’ll have to get a vaccine.

Dependence = control. Even if it’s forced dependence.

And what about the states’ rights in the Constitution that are supposed to stop the leftists from destroying the country and ruling over us like kings? 

States’ rights are irrelevant. Democrats will ignore that. 

If Texas wants to stop women from killing babies with a heartbeat, the Biden DOJ will sue them. 

If states want to stop Biden’s vaccine mandate, his adviser Cedric Richmond has said that President Disaster will ” run over” them.

And that’s exactly what the leftists do to America and Americans – they run over us.

Until we put an end to it.