When you have a person who is as much of a liar and unhinged as dirty shorts-wearing Michael Moore is, there are two choices – he either needs psychological help or he’s just a pathological liar and an evil person who is acting as disgusting as he can to get in the news and improve his career opportunities.

The latest BS to come out of his small and mainly unused brain happened after the withdrawal from Afghanistan. He tweeted “Time to fix ourselves and strengthen our own Democracy and defend it against our own domestic Taliban.” 

Yes, that’s what the TDS unhinged leftists call Trump supporters now. 

Never mind that WE are the ones who support the Constitution, law and order, our flag, a fair justice system, our soldiers and America in general. 

Nope, WE are the bad ones. 


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What it really comes down to is that the leftists just want what they want by any means necessary and if you don’t go along with them, you are the Taliban.

And Michael Moore is quite happy that our soldiers are out of Afghanistan, leaving hundreds, if not thousands of Americans behind. Yes, those troops can be put to better use to go after the MAGA crowd.

This wasn’t the first time he called his political enemies the Taliban either. He also compared Christian Conservatives to the Taliban earlier in August.

You would think that with Biden being president and all of the leftist “wins” they’ve had the past seven plus months, they’d be happy. But they aren’t happy people.

Leftists are never happy with the amount of power they have. It’s never enough. 

They must amass everyone they can in their own war machine to go after conservatives – generals, journalists, business owners, school board members, Secretaries of State, attorney generals, the IRS, judges, Facebook, Twitter, banks… anyone and everyone.

They will cheat and steal and do what they need to get in power but that is never enough. They have to have 100% compliance with every crazy idea they come up with.

Or you are the Taliban.

Only THEY are the real terrorists and prove themselves to be so every day.