The leftists in the country and their cohorts in the media and judicial system seem to be trying to make sure they kill as many COVID-19 patients as possible by trying to discredit all available therapeutics.

Hydroxychloroquine: Bad. It’s a cleaner for fish tanks and Trump endorsed it. Stay away.

Regeneron Monoclonal Antibodies: Let’s make fun of it and keep it under wraps.

Ivermectin: Bad. Discredit it and pretend it’s just a horse medicine that idiots take.

Just get the vaccine, they say. And if that doesn’t work, stay at home and take some Motrin.

Uh, no thanks for your non-medical and very political advice, CNN. I’ll do my own research and ignore everything that you have to say.

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The leftists want to make sure everyone gets the vaccine – and gets them again and again and again. 

Israel is actually talking about a fourth booster of the Pfizer vaccine when they have absolutely NO IDEA what the long term effects of mRNA vaccines are.

With therapeutics, you might actually better. With vaccines, you can be controlled. The government and their friends in the business and academic world can decide what you can do, where you can go and if you can have a job.

I’m getting more sure of this now as time goes by. There is a war against therapeutics and there is only one reason: control by vaccination.

They’re planning to use the vaccines to put you on a no-fly list so you can’t buy guns.

They’re deciding if you get an education and even requiring a vaccine if you are a virtual student.

They’re deciding what businesses you can go into and what events you can attend.

And now we have judges getting in between you and your medical treatment by trying to stop someone from getting a treatment that can save their life. 

Apparently, we’re not the “customer” when it comes to our own healthcare.

Apparently, a judge gets to decide the treatment we ultimately can get and not our doctor.

Jeffrey Smith, 51, from Ohio, got COVID-19 in the beginning of July and his wife asked the court for an emergency order to have Ivermectin prescribed for him. 

The order was granted and Smith was given the medicine for 13 days until another judge, Michael Oster Jr., reversed the order saying that the “medical and scientific communities do not support the use of Ivermectin as treatment.”

Who does he call the medical and scientific communities? That would be Biden’s political CDC and the FDA of course.

But it’s TOO BAD, SO SAD for the naysayers – those who don’t want anyone getting better without a vaccine because, guess what??! Smith is doing better and the hospital is planning to take him off his ventilator soon.