Because of the bad PR crisis for Biden and the democrats in Del Rio, Texas with more than 16,000 Haitian illegal aliens under a bridge waiting to be processed, the Biden administration has decided to move 400 border agents there to “improve control of the area.”

They are also transferring many of the illegals out of the area so that Fox News and republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz can’t record them on video anymore.

Regardless of what the democrats think, border agents were hired to protect the border, not to do paperwork so democrat voters can invade the country.

Border agents were not hired to hand out water and towels and keep porta potties stocked with TP. They were hired to stop illegal aliens from coming into the country and more importantly to stop the drugs, guns, human trafficking and other illegal activity from coming into the United States.

When border agents are pulled from checkpoints where they need to be stopping the criminal activities of the Mexican cartels so they can process illegal aliens, it’ time for the agents to hang up their hats and quit in protest.

Using our border agents as democrat employees is just bad as when the leftists use our military to “fight” climate change. It’s a totally disgusting immoral abuse of power.

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The border agents are already forced to show up to work under a serious threat of contacting COVID-19 from the illegal aliens at the border. I think it’s past time for them to find a new line of work.

Because the border agents are being sent to Del Rio, ports of entry are being closed (hindering legal crossings) and so are check points. 

A check point in Laredo is now unmanned indefinitely so feel free to bring in your Fentanyl, your underage prostitutes, your weapons and your terrorism plans.

VP Kamala Harris’ position of Border Czar is an obvious failure. That is, if you believe her position actually entailed REDUCING illegal immigration.

The root cause of illegal immigration continues to be Biden and the democrats and will continue to be until they are voted out of office.