The poor criminals in Chicago are being forced to worry about having to wear a mask as they run around the city committing, arson, rapes, murders and other crimes.

It’s a sorry state of affairs when the criminals have to be bothered to adhere to government dress codes during a night out with friends.

Even though the cesspool of Chicago keeps churning out murder after murder every week with no end in sight, you don’t have to worry because the mask police are on the job.

No, the mask police are NOT solving or stopping any murders but they ARE busy making sure that businesses aren’t violating mask mandates.

ABC 7 in Chicago reports that Chicago officials are seriously cracking down on businesses who aren’t complying with the mask mandate. They have already issued 167 citations since the mandate took effect on August 20th.

Democrat tyrannical Illinois Governor Pritzker put the mask mandate in place for the state and anyone two years old and older must wear a mask indoors in public areas regardless of their vaccination status. 

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And Pritzker has got a phone number for leftists to be able to nark on businesses in violation of the mandate.

Meanwhile, while the mask police are hard at work, over the last weekend, the city of Chicago had 62 people who were shot, eight of them fatally including a 33-year-old single dad who was shot to death as he shielded his seven-year-old daughter from bullets while he drove her to school.

Luckily, his daughter Norielle was saved. She cried to WGN during an interview with the family, “Daddy was the best man in my life and now he’s gone.”

How many more Norielles are going to have to lose their fathers because the incompetent democrats in Illinois and more specifically the city of Chicago don’t give a rat’s rear end about anything except their own political power?