Short-staffing at hospitals and businesses all over the country.

Out of control inflation.

Shortages of supplies.

Shorter hours of operation.

Long waits for services. 

Long lines at stores.

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These are all results of democrat policies and purposeful tyranny to bring America down a peg or two – or 1000. 

Democrats are awash in both incompetence and evil, a strategy currently working to bring down our standard of living and our capitalist society.

Democrats are fascists at their very core – they want to have power over everything and dictate how the economy is allowed to exist. They want to regulate, cajole, threaten and bride their way into destroying capitalism as we know it. 

They want to pick and choose the winners – their winners – and will reward friends and punish enemies who don’t agree with their goals.

Leftists have always had a war on capitalism and COVID-19 was a special gift to them. They decided who was essential, who could stay open and who got help. They will continue to use the pandemic as long as possible to their benefit as they work to destroy the way of life we have grown accustomed to.

Biden even told us recently in a speech that capitalism as we know it on the way out. The leftists don’t like capitalism. They never have. He said, “We have to get back to an economy that grows from the bottom up and the middle out.”

Or in other words an economy that doesn’t grow at all. Isn’t free at all. And they are well on their way.

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the other leftists concur. She recently said, “In America, capitalism is our system, it is our economic system, but it has not served our economy as well as it should. And so, what we want to do is not depart from that, but to improve it and to make sure that it serves us.”

By “us” she means the democrat party, not American citizens.

And when the democrats don’t get their way in the courts or through legislation, the fascists come out with rules from the executive branch and the bureaucracy that don’t adhere to the constitution. They do it from every level of government whether it’s from your local city or county, your state or through the federal government.

They do it because there’s no one to stop them – not even from a PR standpoint because the elected republican leadership offers little to no pushback.

Because the current democrat policies have short-staffed businesses because of handouts to workers to stay home and because of required vaccine mandates, the democrat destruction of the American business and our way of life is so profound that everyone is seeing it. 

It’s happening everywhere.

In Michigan alone I have found countless examples of this.

Fricano’s, a restaurant in Kalamazoo, Michigan put the following post on their Facebook page: “We can no longer ask our loyal employees to accomplish the tasks requiring a mush larger staff. Therefore Fricano’s has been forced to limit our menu…”

Other restaurants around the country are closed to indoor seating, have limited their hours and have long lines of people waiting to be served. Shelves in grocery stores are bare, missing items that we were previously used to finding easily. Costco recently announced limiting purchases again.

Two of Michigan’s largest hospital systems, Henry Ford Health and Beaumont Health, have had to cut hundreds of beds because of short staffing. Short-staffing which is a result of their vaccine mandates. Other hospitals across the country are having the same issues even though this is a time when we need nurses and doctors the most.

McDonald’s is being hit by a paper bag shortage.

The Holt High School in Michigan recently announced food shortages in their elementary and middle schools because cases of food aren’t arriving on the trucks. Trays and cutlery are also an issue.

Currently 73 ships are docked in Southern California alone who have products that can’t make it into the United States for consumers to buy because there aren’t enough workers to unload the cargo.

Talk show host Glenn Beck says that the leftists are preparing us for a lower standard of living and I believe that to be true. 

The democrats are preparing us to accept a certain standard of living now because things will be getting worse as they take more and more things away from us. It’s only nine years away when the democrats are trying to get rid of most gas-powered cars. Have you bought your horse yet?

The democrats are pushing us to end up like Venezuela and that’s exactly what’s going to happen if we continue to have democrats in control of our states and federal government.

Look around you and see what you get when you are under democrat rule.

Biden’s build back better plan was a plan for the democrat party, not the American people.