Doctors and nurses all over the country are quitting or being suspended or fired because they will not adhere to the vaccine mandates being forced upon them.

Hospitals all over the United States are already starting to shut down services and available beds even though they are already short-staffed and are needed more than ever because of the pandemic.

The doctors and nurses who were hailed as “heroes” by everyone at the beginning of the pandemic, are now being blamed for spreading the virus and looked upon as pariahs.

Bloomberg reports that 1 in 8 nursing professionals aren’t going to get the vaccine and the American Hospital Association reports that 35% of hospitals have currently mandated the vaccines – with more to come.

Henry Ford Health and Beaumont Health in Michigan cut hundreds of beds because of short-staffing which is a result of the vaccine mandates.

Houston Methodist in Texas lost 153 employees who resigned or were terminated because they wouldn’t take the vaccine.

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Current NY democrat Governor Kathy Hochul (Cuomo’s replacement) has some ideas of how to deal with the hospital staffing crisis now that her own vaccine mandate for hospital workers went into effect on Monday.

She intends to pilfer medical workers from other parts of the country and bring in foreign doctors and nurses as well as use retired health care workers and possibly deploy medically trained National Guard members.

Hochul obviously doesn’t think that unvaccinated health care workers in New York are heroes anymore even though they worked throughout the pandemic at their own peril. 

Hochul said coldly, “We will be replacing people. People who will not get vaccinated are the only reason that this country and these communities and our cities have not been able to be fully engaged in a state of normalcy.”

Like everything else that democrats do, their vaccine mandates are a total FUBAR for the health and safety of the American people and have the possibility of killing more people than the actual virus. 

Why is it that most of the problems that the democrats need to fix are problems of their own making?