While chaos is going on all around you, that’s usually the time you need to keep a close eye on your politicians and keep track of what they are doing. 

That’s usually when they try to slip things past you and unfortunately our fake news media doesn’t care to report on what’s really going on in the world if it’s bad for democrats. I don’t really consider their latest shenanigans a very good PR move for their party.

On September 2nd, in the middle of the Afghanistan withdrawal FUBAR and the storms and fires going on in the country (and behind closed doors), the House Armed Services Committee added a provision to the National Defense Authorization Act for 2002. 

According to the American Military News, this provision requires women to register for the selective service system used in the event of a military draft.

Only five Republicans voted for it (including Liz Cheney) but ALL democrats did.

Texas republican REP Chip Roy went on a rant on Twitter after the vote saying “Abolish the draft if you want. But under no circumstances will you draft our wives and daughters. Total, complete bullshit.”

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Guess the democrats not really the party of women if they want to force women into servitude. No more MY BODY MY CHOICE. They’re going to send your body wherever they want and force you to take an experimental vaccine on your way there.

Was there any kind of big debate about this in public to see what Americans think about drafting women? Any discussions at all on such a big topic?

No, they came up with this out of the blue and slipped it into legislation when they thought no one was paying attention.

We’ll see how many of the House members vote for this amendment when it gets to the full vote on the House floor. My guess is that they’ll use the excuse of EQUALITY to vote for it. 

If women want equality, they should get equality in everything, right? If men can give birth, surely women can be drafted to war.

PA democrat REP Chrissy Houlihan, who brought the amendment forward, thinks that the current Selective Service System is unconstitutional because it discriminates on sex. She wants to make things fair.

In July, the Senate Armed Service Committee passed a similar measure to sign up women for the draft. This one was also brought up by a democrat as well, Senate Armed Services Committee Chair democrat Jack Reed of Rhode Island.

In response to the legislation to draft women, the Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee sent a letter to Congress asking them to oppose any legislation to draft women. In their fact sheet, the CWA Legislative Action Committee says that the Selective Service System is not a social experiment and that “American women do not need to be conscripted to fight on the frontline of war to prove their worth.”

The combined number of people who voted for this in the House and Senate is 85 and 75.3% of those votes came from men.

Really nice, democrats. Let the men decide what happens to us and you say NOTHING ABOUT IT in your Twitter feed.

What a bunch of frauds.