The democrats were freaking out about the Del Rio border problem.

But they weren’t freaking out about the massive invasion of illegals, mostly Haitians, into our country. They were freaking out that they looked bad after Fox News exposed the crisis with a drone.

So the democrats tried to shut down the airspace for the drone but that didn’t work. It was too late anyway. The photos and videos had already gone viral.

Cue the clean up crew.

Drastic matters had to be taken. 

Bulldozers and buses were brought in. The Biden advertising agency couldn’t let Fox expose what was going on any longer so they quickly transported the Haitians out of the area to new areas that couldn’t be recorded, documented and photographed.

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Thousands of others were just set free with orders to show up in court some time in the future (LOL).

The bad PR had to be stopped immediately, especially with a reported BLM protest that was planned to happen near the bridge.

An unnamed border official commented about what was going on with the clearing out of the illegals, “They want those people out from under the bridge so they can’t be seen anymore. It’s an optics thing. They are moving them around for process and release. They’re going to have everyone at the bridge gone in the next two days.”

And so they did. Their Friday deadline was met.

In addition to bulldozing the Haitian tents so Biden could clean out the area, they also seized upon a border agent using his horse to conduct business along the border. 

The Biden Harris administration has spent a week now trying to change the border narrative and lied about a border agent using whips on the illegal aliens when even the photographer said that was NOT what was going on.

The democrats are an inept and evil political party and because of that they have to spend the majority of their time spinning their PR narratives so they can continue to be in power.