Biden’s poll numbers are tanking because he’s an incompetent evil person. His hasty and disastrous withdrawal in Afghanistan proved that and cemented his presidency in the toilet of history.

I’m no longer “afraid” of Biden being impeached or removed by his own party.

How much worse can it get? Seriously…think about it.

I don’t want a faux president who is radical but pretends he isn’t because shucks, he’s just an old harmless white guy.

I want the real thing.

I want an all-out-in-your-face leftist radical nut job to be president so that America can see the REAL democrat party.

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And at least Kamala is somewhat aware of her surroundings. She knows where she is most of the time and she can call on the right reporters without Crib notes.

Kamala is one of the real faces of the radical democrats who are running the country into the ground and every American in the country needs to see it.

It’ll be a beautiful sight to behold.

She’ll be her unlikable self that only got her 6% of the votes when she was running in the democrat primary to be president. 

She’ll laugh when asked serious questions and get nasty and bad-tempered like she did when debating her democrat rivals in the primary and when she went after Vice President Pence.

Let’s see her EVERY DAY on the TV please. As much as possible.  

Let’s hear about how she wants to get rid of ICE and defund the police, get the criminals out of jail, leave the borders open, let boys go in girls bathrooms, try to push through universal income, climate change polices and free college.

Biden lied throughout his entire candidacy for president, pretending to be a moderate who was going to bring us all together. He’s nothing of the sort. 

Biden is a puppet – the frontman. He takes marching orders from Barry and Barry’s former administration devotees.

I don’t want a fake democrat anymore. I want the real thing.

Bring on Kamala.