COVID-19 continues to be the gift that keeps on giving for the democrats. 

Don’t even try to convince me that the Biden mob actually wants us to get out of the pandemic because it would interfere with their tyrannical “emergency” powers and voting scams.

King Biden and the rest of his tyrannical democrat friends have decided that everyone WILL COMPLY and get a COVID-19 vaccine. 

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Never mind that the vaccines aren’t working as advertised. 

That’s irrelevant. Get another one.

You are ORDERED to get a vaccine if you want to live a normal life and go to school, go to your favorite restaurant or go to work.

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Biden is mandating vaccines in many different ways. 

He’s got governors and mayors taking away your rights in blue cities and states.

He’s withholding Medicare and Medicaid payments from hospitals and nursing homes that don’t have vaccine mandates.

He’s making federal employees get vaccinated – and contractors who deal with the federal government.

He’s getting his leftist friends who own large companies to mandate vaccines.

And for those companies who don’t want to comply, he’s going to force you to do it through labor laws and OSHA if you have 100 employees or more. 

And if he’s missed any of you, don’t worry. He’ll figure out how to get to you too.

He’s figured out enough ways to bribe and threaten millions to get the vaccine – or else.

And all over the country, you are seeing people being fired for not getting COVID-19 vaccines. It doesn’t matter what kind of worker you are because you are a super spreader and must be fired. Some of you won’t even get unemployment money.

Doctors, nurses, teachers, SEALS, border patrol agents… no one is immune from losing their jobs under King Biden.

Religious exemption? Too bad. That means nothing.

Your body, your choice? Sorry. Leftists don’t really care about that sort of thing unless they can use the catch phrase to further more abortions.

Natural immunity? Doesn’t matter.

Vaccines aren’t even working well? Doesn’t matter.

If you refuse the vaccine, you will be F-I-R-E-D.

Unlike Trump who uttered the words “You’re fired!” on his reality show The Apprentice, Biden is not getting people fired for not doing their jobs or not completing tasks. He’s getting them fired for not abiding by his vaccine edicts. 

And the courts aren’t helping us either. They could care less about our rights or the constitution – or even science and facts for that matter. Most of the courts currently exist to further the Biden agenda.

65% of people polled in a Convention of States Action/Trafalgar Group survey said they don’t think people should be fired for not taking the COVID-19 vaccine but Biden doesn’t care about that either.

He is currently governing against the will of the people because there is no one to stop him. 

So what if we have less cancer doctors, less health care workers in the emergency rooms, less hospital beds, less planes flying around and even more businesses closing? 

That’s what “Build Back Better” means. Biden didn’t really mean that he was building anything back better for Americans. And certainly not the ones who disagree with him.

He is clearly just the president of the illegal alien and the freeloading and leftist democrat voters.