So we know that there were at least 16,000 Haitian illegal aliens at the border in Del Rio, Texas as of last weekend. And more come in every day.

We also know that the media is currently reporting that about 3200 are still under the bridge right now although that keeps changing because the Biden machine is trying to remove their PR nightmare ASAP. 

If we take those numbers at face value, then that means 12,800 have been shuffled around somewhere out of sight.

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If you also take at face value the number that we are told have been deported – which was reported to be at 1401 at the time this article was written, that leaves 1,399 illegals that the Biden mob moved around to hide them from us – and most likely will be released into the United States.

I can do math. I learned REAL math, not Common Core. And my teachers didn’t “dumb down” the courses because math is racist. I can add, subtract and even multiply and figure out percentages.

11,399 Haitians unaccounted for out of 16,000 is 71.24%. 

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That means that MOST of the Haitians are being released into the country, not “some” of them as the fake news media keeps reporting.

But don’t worry, these illegal aliens will definitely show up for their scheduled hearings in court (wink wink).

And in the meantime, even though most of the Haitians are getting into America, the democrats, including Minnesota REP Ilhan Omar and NY Senator and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, are fuming about the very few Haitians who ARE being deported. 

“We owe Haitians” said Omar, who said that what is going on with our immigration system is “obviously systemic racism at play.”

And on the floor of the Senate, America Last radical Schumer said, “I urge President Biden and (Homeland Security) Secretary anoraks to immediately to put a stop to these expulsions and to end this TItle 42 policy at our southern border.”

The “come one, come all” democrats don’t want to lose one single future democrat voter and will fight for them to the bitter end.

Too bad they don’t care as much about the Americans in Afghanistan who want to get back into the United States.