Release Trump’s taxes! Release Trump’s taxes! 

That was the never-ending whining mantra from the democrats during Trump’s candidacy and presidency. And it continues to this day.

And after all of this time, though they have tried, the democrats have found nothing to use against him. No smoking gun from the IRS. No hidden accounts in the Cayman Islands.

Biden, on the other hand, has turned out to be everything they said that Trump was – a dictator, corrupt and apparently a tax cheat too.

The New York Post is reporting that President Disaster could owe as much as $500,000 in taxes to the IRS. That’s more than most people make in a decade of working.

Even at the going rate of $17 an hour at McDonalds, it would take you more than 14 years to make that much money and that is what Biden is reported to OWE.

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The New York Post says that a nonpartisan report from the Congressional Research Service has come out saying that Biden avoided paying Medicare taxes before he took office. 

Biden apparently improperly used an “S corporation” to avoid paying Medicare taxes on book sales and speaking fees for two years.

Gee, what a shocker that tax cheat Biden, isn’t paying his FAIR SHARE. 

Perhaps the Congressional Research Service should look into his son Hunter’s taxes as well since their money is all interconnected through their pay-to-play schemes.

I bet if we get all of the corrupt Bidens and all the corrupt Clintons to pay their fair share in taxes, they could fund their $3.5 trillion fake infrastructure bill.

It’s really a shame that Biden chose Medicare as the fund to evade paying – money needed by the suffering and poor and the minorities all across the country. 

For shame for shame.