We should all be celebrating today. That’s what Biden thinks. He got us out of Afghanistan. And he says “90 percent of Americans in Afghanistan who wanted to leave were able to leave.”

First of all, the number is bogus because democrats lie.

Second of all, is that the new bar? A 10% death rate for Americans stranded in a terrorist-run country is acceptable now?

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No, it isn’t.

It’s only acceptable to democrats.

“Let me be clear” Biden likes to say whenever he decides to lecture us and give us more lies. This time it was “Let me be clear: Leaving Aug. 31 is not due to an arbitrary deadline. It was designed to save American lives” and then he went on to say he wasn’t going to extend a forever exit.

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Of course he wasn’t. A 90% save rate. That’s decent. Mission accomplished.

President Disaster DID say something truthful though. He said, “No nation has ever done anything like it in all of history.”

That’s certainly true. Never. We’ve never had such an evil and incompetent presidential administration in our history.  

Maybe we should have put Homeland Security in charge of the withdrawal. They use any and ALL resources available to get illegals into the United States – attorneys, non-profit groups, plains, trains, automobiles, boats, jet-skis, and more. They will even write legislation and executive orders to get illegal alien future democrat voters into the United States.

What is clear is what the priorities are of the democrat party.

And it sure as hell isn’t Americans.

Not only are the democrats NOT acting guilty or responsible or have any shame about the Afghanistan withdrawal, they’re actually out defending what they have done and they are taking a victory lap like they have done some great thing.

Some of the people still stranded in Afghanistan include 24 students from Sacramento area’s San Juan Unified School District. That would be Nancy Pelosi’s district. Did she get them out of there? Nope. Too busy pushing through budget bills in Congress and celebrating Women’s Equality Day.

I guess these students are the wrong minority class or they are Republicans. I’m sure if they were the correct kind of person of color or indigenous to the United States or a transgender, surely Pelosi would have made it a priority to get them out of Afghanistan.