Joe Biden and the entire Biden Regime have made what many would call mistake after blunder after bad decisions.

Not me, though. I’m not sold that this is just incompetence. No one can be this bad.


I think it might all be on purpose.

I mean, can you think of a single thing he or his regime has done that has benefitted the American people?

That’s a serious question. If you can think of something he’s done that does benefit the American people, let me know in the comments.

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Here’s the video clip of his admission of his economy not working for many:


“I know many Americans are still struggling to make it through each and every day. For too many, it’s harder and harder to pay the bills, food, gas rent, health care.” – Joe Biden

Yup, he said, “it’s harder and harder to pay the bills”… harder and harder says that it’s been getting worse under his regime’s watch.

I already knew I wasn’t the only one thinking these things but the comments from around the internet show that the number of people who also see what’s happening is growing…

“Your economy”? More like your DISASTER after DISASTER – it was NEVER your Presidency – you didn’t win.”

“That’s why he’s mandating people lose their jobs so even more won’t have food, rent, healthcare.”

“That’s what you get when you let incompetent private sector rejects, who couldn’t win an election fair and square, stage a coup and install a broken down puppet in the White House.”




“He wants to make sure the economy gets better by having thousands of employees fired from their jobs for not taking the shot! What a compassionate president. *Eyes roll into the back of my head.”

“what economy? He continues to F Stuff up. Joe gotta go, and the economy will return.”

“Biden is worthless. Resign!”

“You freaking moron! I literally loathe you & everything about you & have for the past 50 years! You are a lying POS!”

“It’s all his responsibility for signing over 100 executive orders stopping Trump policies and paying people not to work. Good thing they’re spending another 3.5T with no taxpayers to pay off the Rothschild’s.”

“You destroy everything you touch!!!!!”

“It is not HIS economy. He gets paid the king’s ransom from all the “business” deals his son cooked up. He couldn’t care any less about how the rest of us are going to survive the communist democrat party’s agendas. Let’s throw in the Green New Deal and see how we tolerate the proposed highest taxation in the history of this country. Communist democrat philosophy: Not tax then spend, but spend first then tax to cover their asses. We are in trouble.”

“It’s all part of the plan, folks…Squeeze us until we submit to their will and become dependent on the government.”

“F*ck Joe Biden.. …F*ck Joe Biden.. …F*ck Joe Biden.. …”

“Cuz of you and your globalist cronies. Is why. And y’all deserve pain.”

“and it’s only been 8 months. Looking ahead is a nightmare. This man and his coup need to leave”

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This piece was written by Zach Heilman on September 17, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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