Don’t worry if your rights are trampled on and you have to wear masks forever, get COVID-19 vaccines forever or have to hop on your right foot every Wednesday when it rains.

The ACLU will have your back, right?

After all, their name is the “American Civil LIBERTIES Union” and after all, their website says “For nearly 100 years, the ACLU has been our nation’s guardian of LIBERTY, working in courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties that the Constitution and the laws of the United States guarantee everyone in the country.”

Yeah right. 

That’s a complete joke.

The ACLU is just another arm of the democrat party, pushing whatever policies they want to enact.

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While the ACLU might have originally been in opposition to pandemic inspired vaccine mandates during an epidemic back in 2008, they have reversed their position on the matter.

In 2008, they said “No one should be forced to be vaccinated against their will both because of the constitutional right to refuse treatment, and pragmatically because forced vaccination will deter at least some people from seeking medical help when they need it.”

However, in 2021, they are singing a different tune.

Now they are saying “Do vaccine mandates violate civil liberties? Some who have refused vaccinations claim as much. We disagree. At the ACLU, we are not shy about defending civil liberties, even then they are very unpopular. But we see no civil liberties problem with requiring COVID-19 vaccines in most circumstances.”

The kicker to their statement is when they incredulously said, “Far from compromising civil liberties, vaccine mandates actual further civil liberties.”

Yes, oppressing everyone is actually okay because it helps others like the vulnerable and those with disabilities, young children and those with fragile immune systems.

So I guess civil liberties are up for grabs depending on who you are with this new ACLU mindset. They’ll protect some and not others. They will defend who and what they agree with instead of consistently defending liberty.

They also say that our rights to bodily integrity are not absolute.

Hm…what ever happened to the “my body, my choice” thing?

Guess that’s not REALLY a thing unless it has to do with aborting babies.

And I’m pretty sure that bodily integrity is what the Declaration of Independence is all about. 

The whole life and liberty part. 

The Declaration of Independence says my rights are unalienable i.e. not to be separated, given away or taken away.

I see no asterisk where I don’t get any life and liberty decisions about myself if a neighbor is immunocompromised and a democrat somewhere wants to force lipids, acids, salt, ethanol, sugar, and untested mRNA genes into my body.