So the vaccines have proven to have less efficacy than advertised and the Biden administration doesn’t seem to want to look at natural immunity, religious exemptions or any kind of body autonomy when it comes to making everyone get the vaccines.

Their new advertising phrase should be “your body, my choice” as they roll out their edicts to us peasants.

You WILL get a vaccine, they say, especially if they control your paycheck.

So if you are in the military, you are first on their list for their vaccine mandates. And that includes our elite Navy SEALS.

We are about to lose about one-quarter to one-third of our SEALS before the end of the year because of the president’s tyrannical vaccine mandates.

Biden and his woke and fascist military leaders don’t seem to care if the SEALS have natural immunity or if they have asked for a religious exemption.

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An attorney for several Navy SEALS, R. Davis Younts, said, “They (his SEAL clients) have been told that if they seek a religious accommodation, they likely will no longer be able to serve our country as Navy SEALS and been given an arbitrary deadline to comply with the vaccine mandate.”

According to Just the News, attorney Tim Parlatore has confirmed that a large number of SEALS have currently declined to get the vaccine.

“It’s in the hundreds. And it’s not the senior leadership. It’s all the shooters and it is going to have a huge impact. If they continue to with this asinine police you are going to have the complete decimation of the SEAL teams.”

But then again…Who needs military readiness when you have a president who won’t protect the country in any way, shape or form, domestically or internationally? 

He lets Antifa and BLM terrorists roam the streets. He doesn’t speak out against his party’s war on the police which has decimated police departments and been the cause of rising crime across the country.

He lets third world countries invade our borders with crime and COVID-19. 

He strands Americans in a terrorist-run country and hands over our military equipment to the Taliban. 

And in his speech to the UN on Tuesday, he all but capitulated to China and we know why – they have the goods on Hunter Biden and his daddy.

I guess we don’t need a military when we have a president who is good buddies with the evil dictators on the planet and is he himself becoming one of them.