The loss and humiliation of Afghanistan will have severe political repercussions for Joe Biden just as the Iranian hostage crisis had for Jimmy Carter. It’s deja vu all over again. And Biden’s weak, dodgy, and confused Monday afternoon speech on Afghanistan didn’t do him any favors.

A weak Democrat president who beat a Republican incumbent is dealing with inflation, incompetence, and a reliance on foreign energy. Then an Islamist regime humiliates America and the country takes it out on the Democrats by bashing them to bits in the next election. Sound familiar? Such was the fate of Jimmy Carter in 1980. It could be the fate of Joe Biden in 2022 and 2024.

How bad is the injury to American national security? This is exclusive to this publication from renowned presidential scholar Dr. Tim Blessing of Alvernia University, “Despite the fact that the ‘domino theory’ has supposedly been debunked, we are looking at a first class regional disaster. Pakistan, which is more an area surrounded by lines on a map than a nation, will now have increasing pressure from Islamists. This will ricochet into India–where Muslims are thirsting for revenge against Hindu nationalists. Bloodshed is common in the India conflict and we can expect more. Iran can and will sell itself as the stable power in the region–alarming Sunni states. The Saudis have a real problem because the Taliban derive their religious standards from Wahhabism–of which the Saudis.” Domestically, that will not go unnoticed.

Thus, in 2022 Biden’s destiny could resemble that of the Republicans in the fall of 1974, after the Nixon Watergate resignation. That was a Republican disaster. The same may await the 2022 Democrats. I can guarantee you Republican media operatives, the RNC, and various GOP 2022 congressional candidates are preparing media spots that roast Joe Biden and the Democrats over Afghanistan.

Good political media has few words and lots of pictures. The optics out of Afghanistan, like out of Saigon in 1975, are disastrous for Biden. Crowds on runways, the flag over the embassy hauled down in a hurry, helicopters leaving from roofs, the enemy in the presidential palace, and desperate American allies terrified of enemy revenge are all images not easily erased from memory. We recall them from 1975. We unbelievably see them again now.

They will make up the indictment against Biden and the Democrats in 2022 and 2024. Speaking of 2024, yes, it’s a long time away and things can change.  However, did Watergate change for Nixon? Korea for Truman? Vietnam for LBJ? The aforementioned hostages for Carter? No. They were bellwethers of nasty things to come. So it will be for Biden.

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Even the liberal media has turned on Biden. The Sunday talk shows were full of journos from NBC, CNN, and more bashing Biden over Afghanistan. Their words will be used by Republican media soon and constantly. Plus, the liberal media is now on record trashing Biden. They’ve now invested in that message and can’t easily pull back from all of it.

This could also be used by Kamala Harris and the hard left in the Democrat Party if they want to make a move on Biden using the 25th Amendment. There are those in DC who are speculating that the Afghanistan bugout is actually part of such a plan. That is very farfetched, but not as much as it was two weeks ago.

Democrats will also have to run away from Biden if they want to hold on to Congress in 2022. He will not like that and it could start an intraparty conflict in an election year. That and all other factors lead to one conclusion: Biden is snakebit. He’s likely to stay that way.