The January 6th riot at the Capitol was very disturbing and those who committed crimes should be held accountable under the laws of the country.

However, that sentiment is not felt among the democrats when it comes to pursuing the Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists.

Because the democrats control the federal government, they control the DOJ and the FBI and have proven themselves to be partisan Obama slaves, yes-men and women for the cause. The same is true for many of the state law enforcement agencies that operate under democrat leadership.

They are all about selective law enforcement.

This attitude has led to an over-the-top unconstitutional witch hunt of any Trump supporters in the area of the Capitol on January 6th. It has led to the unconstitutional searches and seizures of private information. It has led to people in jail indefinitely with no due process.

It’s not about the law and what happened on January 6th – it’s about PR and going after Trump supporters to stop them from resisting the almighty democrat party in the future.

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The REAL insurrectionists and terrorists are the BLM and Antifa folks who have participated in at least 574 riots, including attacks on police with 2000 police officers injured. 

A report from the Major Cities Chiefs Association on the 2020 riots shows that there was also billions of dollars in damage and businesses burned down with 624 arsons reported and 97 police vehicles burned. 

The terrorists threw bricks, frozen water bottles, fireworks, Molotov cocktails and other projectiles at police.

And there were at least 25 murders reported that are related to the Antifa and BLM riots but we know there have probably been many more than that. 

Some of those killed include retired police officer David Dorn and federal officer Patrick Underwood (both black).

All of this rioting has been much more dangerous to people (and the country) and much more concerning than a bunch of Trump supporters inside of the Capitol, most of whom have been charged with trespassing. But the Antifa and BLM riots are largely ignored and largely un-prosecuted.

The rioting has been acceptable to the democrats because it has been to avenge the killing of George Floyd and “systemic racism” in the country.

Elected democrats have supported and participated in these “peaceful protests” and VP Harris was involved in bailing out some of them from jail. 

These riots were SO important that the democrats claimed that they should continue even through the pandemic.

One of the epicenters of the riots has been Minneapolis, where the George Floyd protests started in May of 2020.

Devin Hogan, the Chair of the Minneapolis Democratic-Farmer-Labor-Party recently wrote an op-ed for Southside Pride which included his opinion on the protestors setting fire to the Minneapolis Police Department Third Precinct. 

He said proudly, “Like it or not, setting the Third Precinct on fire was a genuine revolutionary moment. An act of pure righteousness to open new worlds of understanding. The people declared themselves ungovernable and unilaterally took their power back. The largest international human rights movement in modern history had begun. The youth of Minneapolis carried all of this.


At least he was honest enough to tell it like it is unlike most of the democrats. Honest enough to tell everyone who democrats REALLY are and what their plans are for the future.

Yep, the democrats approve of the leftist riots and want them to continue. 

Hogan warned “The call from the streets was genuine liberation, truly and finally. The work continues until that day comes. Eyes on the prize. Remember the demand of the streets. The blood and treasure spent. This is our job. Minneapolis must answer the call. For real this time. For real for real. Do it for the kids.