Is Matt Drudge still running the Drudge Report? 

Many would contend that he is not.

All of a sudden, he could care less about illegal aliens invading the country even though he had big headlines and red sirens about it leading up to the Trump presidency.

Or has he always JUST been all about the clicks and the money from advertisers?

Maybe it was a false perception on our part and we just assumed that he was conservative and that he had unchanging ethics, principles, standards and values and a concern for our country.

But now that the problem with illegal aliens invading the United States is worse than ever, Drudge is pretty much nowhere to be found.

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Do we see daily red sirens on his page warning of the impending doom from the illegal aliens bringing in COVID-19, drugs, guns and human trafficking?


Drudge seems to be more concerned about Andrew Cuomo and heavily pushing the pandemic mania even though the virus will be with us forever.

Drudge has pretty much jumped the conservative ship after he became a never-Trumper. Because of that, others have had to pick up the slack.

Don Bongino started his own news aggregation site at and a former Drudge Report editor, Joseph Curl, has recently launched a news website called “Off the Press” which is a little more graphically appealing than the Drudge site. And, of course, Breitbart is as great as always, keeping on top of the news we need to know about.

Curl describes the Drudge report as becoming “just another echo chamber for the mainstream media” and that’s why he decided to come up with a new website. One that consumers can trust.

The question right now is who is really running The Drudge Report. 

If it’s Matt, he seems to be on auto pilot, reaping in the profits from his new leftist audience.