I’m not sure why the democrat politicians hate restaurants so much. They seem to like to eat out a lot, especially at their elitist restaurants with steak and sushi. 

But restaurants are their favorite target to shut down, take to court and dictate rules to even though there’s been no significant studies of restaurants being super-spreaders.

The democrat politicians have more options than we do to find food. They have more money so they can even hire their own chefs if they need to. Heck, Nancy Pelosi can pretty much live on all of the ice cream that she has amassed.

But the rest of us peons rely on our local and chain restaurants, sometimes several times a week for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

So we’ve seen over the past 18 months, Democrats going after restaurants with a passion when restaurant owners try to stay open even though the democrats have told them to shut their doors. Democrats don’t care if restaurant owners lose their businesses or if the people working for them lose their jobs. THAT’S WHAT STIMULUS MONEY IS FOR – and extra unemployment benefits! Let’s pay them off to solve the problem!

When restaurants CAN be open, the democrats give restaurants all kinds of edicts in order to stay open.

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The ones who survived during the pandemic now face a labor shortage and a product shortage.

Restaurants everywhere are reducing their hours and their menu choices because democrats have decided to give workers extended unemployment benefits into eternity, let people not pay their rent and get advanced child care credits.

Many of the franchise restaurants have gone to offering drive-thru service only because they don’t have enough workers.

Because of the labor shortage, chain restaurants are trying to bribe people back to work with $17/hr. wages, same day pay, free college, signing bonuses and much more. The local restaurants often can’t afford to compete with that.

Just this week, I discovered that a local diner will no longer have their popular fried chicken dinner because they can’t order enough chicken. 

A KFC in another town downstate that finally got their building built can’t open because there aren’t enough workers or chicken. 

A pizza place in a small northern town near where I live has limited their menu to a few select items because they don’t have the staff to make everything on their menu.

In places like NYC (and soon to be a town near you), you can’t even go into a restaurant without a vaccine card. This will keep people away and give more to do for an already over-worked staff.

If this continues, the only restaurants that are going to be open anywhere in America are McDonalds and Domino’s Pizza.