I was watching a documentary on the Iliad on IMDB TV Tuesday night when one commercial consistently interrupted the program.

It was a commercial for bottled water. No surprise there. What was surprising was the message. The spot featured several people of PC approved status. A handicapped person, a person of indeterminate gender, a gay person, various members of minority groups all were showcased. Here’s the spot.

The message is that the voice of these people was rendered silent and unseen by American society and the mission of this water company was, as opposed to just selling water, to give them help in getting noticed and thus expressing themselves. And I wondered, does the writer of this commercial live under a rock? Are they living in 1955? Perhaps they are blind and deaf mutes and thus not capable of understanding their surroundings. Because as far as I can see, individuals of the above statuses have commanded the stark heights of American culture for decades. So, just how are they silent and unseen?

One cursory glance at any entertainment award show, television schedule, or movie offerings will confirm this. The basic premise of much of it is that rich powerful entertainers, athletes, politicians, and assorted others of non traditional lifestyles are in actuality victims of the racism, sexism, and other bigotries of mean horrible America. This claim is made from posh residences, yachts, and the best hotels in the world. For those not so materially rewarded by horrific America, they claim to suffer from the same malady, only junior varsity.

We are racist even though we elected and then reelected a black man as president. We are sexist even though women have achieved academic superiority over men in most institutions of higher learning and thus greatly staff centers of power. We are homophobic even though popular culture not only celebrates sexual diversity but obsesses on it and tries to inculcate school children with the attendant political agenda. If America is indeed all those hideous things then we are doing a very bad job in the application of our bigotries.

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But you see, the aforementioned water company and the people they champion aren’t stupid. They look around and can see how their message dominates media, academia, entertainment, and so forth. What they are really striving for is the most golden, most desired, most gleaming status that their ideology confers: victimhood.

By claiming to be oppressed and downtrodden they can wallow in false indignation and self righteous pity. They can blame any problem on vicious American hate and relieve themselves of personal responsibility for their fates. America becomes the convenient all purpose scapegoat, its alleged evil in this case helping to sell bottled water.

Traditional Americans, conservatives, Republicans, or any group not approved by the Groupthink Gods is held responsible for the silence of these particular lambs, though their cacophonous bleating can be loudly heard far and wide in every corner and crevice of this country. It is a scam that is ridiculous. Such is PC marketing. Such is America today.