The democrat party doesn’t want anyone achieving any kind of success on their own. And if it happens, that person will certainly pay for it BIGLY through taxes and regulations. 

The small business owner will be ridiculed and told they didn’t build it themselves. They had help from the government who built the roads and bridges to their business. They couldn’t have done anything without the government.

Lately though, taxes, regulations and ridicule hasn’t been enough for the democrats who are riding high on tyranny and the oppression of the population. They pretend to care about people and tell everyone that their policies will make the country better but their end goal is actually to dismantle the United States and control everything.

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The pandemic has been the perfect answer for the democrats who have always wanted to rule over their subjects without limitations. It allowed them to shut down small business and let their bigger friends like Amazon reap in the billions. 

Their other friends at places like Lowes, Walmart and Costco were all deemed “essential” but your local hardware store wasn’t.

In April, a Federal Reserve research study showed that about 200,000 businesses were destroyed because of the pandemic. And more and more are going under every day because of democrat policies and mandates

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There are shortages of workers and supplies for businesses everywhere because the democrats are paying people to stay home with extra unemployment benefits and advanced child care credits. 

Without enough drivers on the road, the products aren’t arriving where they need to go – even if the products are actually available.

Businesses have to operate with less people, shorter hours and have long lines. 

No longer can you assume that a business has what you want, when you want it – or are even open. 

And now with vaccine and mask mandates on the horizon, workers will be quitting or will get fired because they refuse an experimental vaccine. Even “hero” nurses who are needed in COVID-19 wards will be getting fired if they refuse the vaccine.

Others (like me) will not tolerate anyone asking for my vaccine card to be able to get a haircut, buy some Windex or a cheeseburger. I will not patronize the businesses that think they have a right to ask me for my private medical information.

Then there are the minorities in places like NYC who will try to go to businesses, only to be shut out because they don’t submit their papers to “the man” and “the man’s” tyrannical helpers to prove that they have gotten a vaccine. 

How many more businesses are we going to lose under democrat tyranny?

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul had it right when he recently said, “It’s time for us to resist. They can’t arrest all of us. They can’t keep all of your kids home from school. We don’t have to accept the mandates, lockdowns and harmful policies of the petty tyrants and bureaucrats. We can simply say: ‘No, not again.'”